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Vocabulary Lists Top 10 Conversational Phrases

Top 10 Conversational Phrases

가장 유용한 구어적 표현 10가지
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Thank you!
고마워요. 고마워요.
Thank you!
고맙지만 고맙지만
thank you, but
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I'm sorry.
미안해요. 미안해요.
I'm sorry.
미안해요. 오타였어요. 미안해요. 오타였어요.
Mianhaeyo. otayeosseoyo.
I'm sorry. It was a typo.
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How are you?
어떻게 지내세요? 어떻게 지내세요?
Eotteoke jinaeseyo?
How are you?
오랜만이네요. 어떻게 지내세요? 오랜만이네요. 어떻게 지내세요?
Oraenmanineyo. eotteoke jinaeseyo?
It's been a long time, how are you?
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저는 ...라고 합니다. 저는 ...라고 합니다.
Jeoneun ...rago hamnida.
제발. 제발.
정말이요? 정말이요?
대단하다! 대단하다!
I don't like it.
좋아하지 않아요. 좋아하지 않아요.
joahaji anayo.
I don't like it.
저는 독서를 좋아하지 않아요. 저는 독서를 좋아하지 않아요.
Jeoneun doksseoreul joahaji anayo.
I don't like reading.
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I like it.
좋아요. 좋아요.
I like it.
저는 생물학 수업이 제일 좋아요. 저는 생물학 수업이 제일 좋아요.
Jeoneun saengmurhak sueobi jeil joayo.
I like the biology class the best.
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Excuse me.
저기요. 저기요.
Excuse me.
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Saturday at 7:53 pm
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Tuesday at 9:25 am
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Hi Catherine,

Thank you for your valuable feedback, it means a lot to us!

Please let us know if you have any other inquiries!




Monday at 3:26 am
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Just saying, I think the Romanization is a GREAT help to learning korean, so please do not remove it! Thanks for the effort you put into writing the romanization for all the words and phrases! :thumbsup:
Wednesday at 10:55 am
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Hi Colin,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and tips to learn Korean with Russ!

Russ, if you just started learning Korean, Hana Hana Hangul series under 'Browse Lessons -> Video Lessons' will be a big help for you - Learning Hangul should be the best way to improve your Korean faster, so please check them out.

@크리스 - Colin gave the right answer! You can say 맙소사. Or you can also say 세상에! which means 'Oh, world!'

Thank you,



Monday at 3:16 pm
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As I discussed in my reply to your message on the other thread, before tackling lessons like this, despite being very very basic, you should just focus a few days to a week memorizing the alphabet and completing all the pronunciation classes first. Leapfrogging at this point won't work. There will come a point where you will be able to handle a list like this and the speed or grammar won't be an issue, but other lessons are supposed to handle that for you. I recommend signing up for a one month premium subscription first (or a year if you are more committed), so that you can access PDF notes. They help a lot. In the beginning, I would copy everything from the PDF notes into a notebook and then listen to the audio lessons while looking at my notes. Nowadays I do both to save time as the lessons get longer and more complex in intermediate/advanced.

For me, the words are pronounced exactly as they are spelled. Don't forget, each word has separate parts and the sounds are supposed to blend together. There are also rules involved especially for the beginning and ends of words that may determine how two words would be blended together in pronunciation. I would suggest letting go of how you think the language 'should be' and try your best to learn how 'it is'. Also, for native English speakers though, especially for those who speak Americanized English with more flat, precise tones that makes syllables more pronounced, there is the habit of wanting to pronounce every darn syllable as it relates to the phonetics chart, making speech slower and actually incorrect.

Take baby steps, buddy.



more natural: 어떻게 말하면 돼요? / 어떻게 말해야 되죠?

Oh my god = 맙소사.

Monday at 7:41 am
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They talk too fast to understand and don't wast time romanizing anything. The words are pronounced completely different than they're spelled.

Sunday at 11:24 pm
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"oh my god!"어떻게 말할 수 있어요? I use that a lot.ㅋㅋㅋㅋ