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How to Improve Your Listening Skills
15 words
Word Image
How to Improve Your Listening Skills
15 words
baeugo sip-eun eon-eolo nyuseuna paskaeseuteuleul deul-eobogo naeyong-eul ilg-gi jeon-e meonjeo jujeleul majchueo boseyo. (munjang)
배우고 싶은 언어로 뉴스나 팟캐스트를 들어보고 내용을 읽기 전에 먼저 주제를 맞추어 보세요.
Listen to a news report or a podcast in the target language then try to identify the topic of the report before reading about it.
daehwa geulub-e gaibhaseyo.
대화 그룹에 가입하세요.
Join a conversation group.
gongbu iljeong-eul gyehoeghago ilsang-eulo jinhaenghaseyo.
공부 일정을 계획하고 일상으로 진행하세요.
Make yourself a study plan and establish a routine.
baeugo sip-eun eon-eolo yeonghwaleul boseyo, teughi jangmyeon-eul seontaeghayeo banboghal su issneun gigileul sayonghaseyo.
배우고 싶은 언어로 영화를 보세요, 특히 장면을 선택하여 반복할 수 있는 기기를 사용하세요.
Watch movies in the language you are studying, especially on devices which you can use to repeat selected scenes.
maleul deul-eul ddae geu eowon-eul cha-jeuseyo.
말을 들을 때 그 어원을 찾으세요.
Look for root words when listening to something.
mal ttalahagi bangbeob-eul haseyo.
말 따라하기 방법을 하세요.
Use the shadowing technique.
bad-asseugileul tonghae deudgi yeonseub-eul haseyo.
받아쓰기를 통해 듣기 연습을 하세요.
Practice listening to dictations.
inteone-seul iyonghaseyo; deudgi naeyong-i pungbuhabnida.
인터넷을 이용하세요; 듣기 내용이 풍부합니다.
Use the Internet; it is full of listening resources.
deudgo-in-neun dong-an balpyojaui momjiseul gwanchalhaseyo.
듣고있는 동안 발표자의 몸짓을 관찰하세요.
Watch the gestures of the speaker while you are listening.
naebuna oebuui banghaeleul pihago seupikeoe jibjoonghaseyo.
내부나 외부의 방해를 피하고 스피커에 집중하세요.
Focus on the speaker, avoid any internal or external distractions.
jinsim-eulo gwansim-it-neun deudgi jujeleul chaj-euseyo.
진심으로 관심있는 듣기 주제를 찾으세요.
Attempt to find a listening topic in which you are genuinely interested.
won-eomin-ui mal-eul deudgo geu eog-yang-gwa bal-eum-eul ttalahaeboseyo.
원어민의 말을 듣고 그 억양과 발음을 따라해보세요.
Listen to a native speaker and try to imitate their intonation and pronunciation.
baeul eon-eolo eum-ag-eul deudgo chinsughan dan-eowa munjangeul gol-laboseyo.
배울 언어로 음악을 듣고 친숙한 단어와 문장을 골라보세요.
Listen to music in your target language and pick out familiar words and phrases.
naeyong-eul il-jji anh-eun chaelo odio daehwaleul deudgo jeog-eoboseyo.
내용을 읽지 않은 채로 오디오 대화를 듣고 적어보세요.
Listen to an audio dialogue without reading the text and write down what you hear.
daehwaleul deudgo moleuneun dan-eoleul jeog-eon hu-eh naega sseun cheoljawa olbaleun cheoljaleul bigyohaeboseyo.
대화를 듣고 모르는 단어를 적은 후에 내가 쓴 철자와 올바른 철자를 비교해보세요.
Listen to a dialogue and try to correctly write down words you don't recognize, then compare your spelling to the correct spelling.