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50+ Questions That Learners Need to Know
60 words
Word Image
50+ Questions That Learners Need to Know
60 words
Hwajangsireun eodie isseumnikka?
화장실은 어디에 있습니까?
Where is the bathroom?
Eotteoke jinaeseyo?
어떻게 지내세요?
How are you?
Oraenmanineyo. eotteoke jinaeseyo?
오랜만이네요. 어떻게 지내세요?
It's been a long time, how are you?
How much is this?
jal jinae?
잘 지내?
What's up?
Myeot sariseyo?
몇 살이세요?
How old are you?
Yeogie deureogaryeomyeon seumulhan sarieoya haeyo. Myeot sariseyo?
여기에 들어가려면 스물한 살이어야 해요. 몇 살이세요?
You must be 21 to enter here. How old are you?
ige mwoeyo?
이게 뭐에요?
What is it?
Ireumi mwoyeyo?
이름이 뭐예요?
What's your name?
Jeoneun piteoyeyo. Seonghami eotteoke doeseyo?
저는 피터예요. 성함이 어떻게 되세요?
My name is Peter. What's your name?
Eodi chulsiniseyo?
어디 출신이세요?
Where are you from?
Yeongguk saramin geot gateundeyo. eodieseo watsseumnikka?
영국 사람인 것 같은데요. 어디에서 왔습니까?
You sound British. Where are you from?
Who is that?
Jinanbame dangsingwa kiseuhadeon jeo yeojaneun nuguimnikka?
지난밤에 당신과 키스하던 저 여자는 누구입니까?
Who is that woman I saw you kissing last night?
eodie saseyo?
어디에 사세요?
Where do you live?
Maeume dereoyo?
마음에 들어요?
Do you like it?
Naeil mwo halgeoyeyo?
내일 뭐 할거에요?
What are you doing tomorrow?
Chwimiga mwoyeyo?
취미가 뭐예요?
What's your hobby?
Eodi isseoyo?
어디 있어요?
Where is it?
Igeo mwoyeyo?
이거 뭐예요?
What's this?
Yeongeo hal jul aseyo?
영어 할 줄 아세요?
Do you speak English?
Eodie isseoyo?
어디에 있어요?
Where are you?
Museun mariya?
무슨 말이야?
What do you mean?
Igeo eotteoke bareumhaeyo?
이거 어떻게 발음해요?
How do you pronounce this?
Cheoljareul allyeojusigesseoyo?
철자를 알려주시겠어요?
How do you spell that?
And you?
Mworago haesseoyo?
뭐라고 했어요?
What did you say?
Saengiri eonjeyeyo?
생일이 언제예요?
When is your birthday?
Eonje gaseyo?
언제 가세요?
When are you going?