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Newbie #5 - Calling on Skype

Newbie Season 1
In today's lesson, we'll be hearing a conversation between two old friends. As many of you may be surrounded by Koreans wherever you are, we have a few great phrases to go over when talking on the phone. Korean has a specific word that's used solely when picking up the phone. Also, be sure to check out how to say "It's been a long time." After listening, stop by and leave us a post!

Video #1 - How to Read and Write Hangul

Hangul Videos
Learn Korean with! Today we have a special feed for all you newbies out there! Today, we'll get you started on how to read and write Hangul. For those of you that may not know, Hangul is the Korean writing system. It's one of the easiest and most logical writing systems out there. King Sejong (the king that created Hangul) said "A wise man can acquaint himself with them before the morning is over; a stupid man can learn them in the space of ten days." Get yourself acquainted with Hangul and start your journey today! Be sure to stop by and let us know what you think!
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Beginner #8 - Exchanging Phone Numbers

Beginner Season 1
Learn Korean with Korean has two sets of numbers, the Sino-Korean numbers and the Native-Korean numbers. Typically the Sino-Korean numbers are used more frequently than the native Korean numbers. So today we'll be going over exchanging phone numbers, which requires the Sino-Korean numbers. Be sure to check out the bonus track for the numbers 0 - 10.

Audio Blog #4 - Time Flies

Advanced Audio Blog 1
Learn Korean with! Today Hyunwoo talks about his University vacation. He went around interviewing some of his friends to see what they did. Check out today's audio blog to find out what a typical Korean student does on vacation!

News #5 - Hangul Day Contest

Learn Korean with! Today we're going over the details of the Hangul Day Contest! Hangul day is a great day to celebrate as it brought literacy to all Korean people. So here at, we're celebrating this auspicious day with a Hangul Day contest! We're giving away a free 6-month Premium Subscription, as well as your name written in Korean calligraphy! Be sure to tune in and find out how to enter!