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News #5 - Hangul Day Contest

Learn Korean with! Today we're going over the details of the Hangul Day Contest! Hangul day is a great day to celebrate as it brought literacy to all Korean people. So here at, we're celebrating this auspicious day with a Hangul Day contest! We're giving away a free 6-month Premium Subscription, as well as your name written in Korean calligraphy! Be sure to tune in and find out how to enter!

Newbie #4 - Goodbyes

Newbie Season 1
Learn Korean with! Today we're finishing out series with Mr.Juan Garcia. He's leaving Korea, and Kim Suhan is taking him to the airport. As Korean has different ways to say "Goodbye" according to different circumstances, be sure to tune and find out exactly what to say in the proper situations.
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Korean Culture Class #1 - Chuseok

Korean Culture Class
Learn Korean with! Today's a very special day in Korea. Today is 추석 (chuseok)! This is the holiday which celebrates the harvest in Korea. And also, Iseul, a new member of our team, joins us for the first time to discuss Chuseok! Be sure to leave us a post and ask any questions you may have!

Beginner #7 - Particle Mania!

Beginner Season 1
Learn Korean with! In today's lesson, we'll be going over those seemingly difficult particles. Korean is loaded with particles, each of them serving a different purpose. In today's lesson we'll break down the usage of these particles, so you can become a better linguist! Be sure to stop by and leave us a post!

Audio Blog #3 - Chuseok

Advanced Audio Blog 1
Learn Korean with! This upcoming week is a big one for Korea! It's one of Korea's major holidays. Hyunwoo has 6 days off next week, and he'll be hanging out Gwangju with his family. Listen in and find out a little bit about Chuseok, and what Hyunwoo's plans are! Be sure to stop by and leave us a post!