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Picture Video Vocab #8 - Vending Machine - Korea’s so convenient!

Picture Video Vocab
Learn Korean with!! Vending machines are plentiful in Korea and everywhere else in the world! That's the perfect reason to watch this lesson. Anytime you see a vending machine, you can practice your Korean! In this video Korean lesson, we'll be taking a look at a vending machine and going over Korean vocabulary that can be practiced daily. So remember to listen in for this free Korean lesson, in video format. And after watching remember to stop by and leave us a post!

Picture Video Vocab #7 - Gimbap Place

Picture Video Vocab
Do you like Korean food? If you like all types of Korean food, or if you only like one or two types of Korean food, there's a place in Korea where you can eat all different kinds of Korean food! And the best part is, these are among the cheapest restaurants in Korea! Watch this lesson to find out where to go! And after you learn essential vocabulary while you learn Korean, remember to stop by and leave us a post!
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Picture Video Vocab #6 - The Bus

Picture Video Vocab
Remember when you were a kid, and was always fascinated with buses? Every kid is fascinated with those big wheels, and spacious aisles. Well in this lesson, we'll relive those memories as we go out for a picnic in Korea with Keith and Seol! And of course we'll be taking the bus in Korea. In this Picture Video Vocab lesson, we're going to bring all the essential Korean vocabulary and phrases that come with riding the bus in Korea. So remember to watch our lesson. And remember, our Premium users get a review track so that when we're riding the bus, we can practice saying those words in Korean! And don't forget to stop by and leave us a comment!

Picture Video Vocab #5 - The Convenience Store

Picture Video Vocab
There's not a more convenient way to learn Korean with free online Korean lessons than with! In today's lesson, we're stopping by a Korean convenience store(편의점) to pick up some typical Korean food. We're hungry and ready to get some cheap Korean food on the go! There's may be a lot of similarities with convenience stores with your country, but there are some things very specific to Korean convenience stores. So remember to watch our video and see the food that we're talking about! And after watching, remember to stop by and leave us a post!

Picture Video Vocab #4 - The Kitchen

Picture Video Vocab
Love Korean food? Learn Korean with and learn some Korean vocabulary in a Korean kitchen(부엌). Today we're continuing on with out Picture Video Vocab series and moving on over to Hyunwoo's house. He's being a gracious host and inviting us into his kitchen. As we rummage through Hyunwoo's Kitchen for some food, we're going to go over some common vocabulary words that are used in the kitchen. And after watching the video, remember to stop by and leave us a comment! 한국의 부엌에는 무엇이 있을까요? 부엌에 있는 물건들을 한국어로 뭐라고 부를까요? 오늘 Picture Video Vocab 네 번째 레슨에서 확인해 보세요!