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Idioms and Phrases #1 - It’s Cool!

Idioms and Phrases
Learn some Korean Idioms and Phrases as you learn Korean with! We're getting down to the nitty gritty in today's lesson, the first of a monthly series - Idioms and Phrases. These lessons are engineered to teach not just typical Korean vocabulary, but also provide some cultural phrases, idioms, and word usages that may not exist in your culture! So in today's lesson, we'll be going over the word 시원하다 (siwonhada - to be cool). We will also be going over two grammar points, the declarative and noun modifying descriptive verbs (that was a mouthful!). Listen to the main audio for the conversation, and grammar points, and listen to the bonus track (at for the word of the day, 시원하다 (siwonhada). And while you're there, leave us a comment and let us know how you liked the lesson!

Idioms and Phrases #2 - What a Headache

Idioms and Phrases
Don't worry! It's not a headache when you learn Korean with! In our second installment of Idioms and Phrases, we're going to watch what happens when you drink too much! Our character has been out all night, and wakes up with a killer headache. Now he thinks he's not going to work and wants to stay home and rest. For just that, we'll be going over the intentional, and future presumptive! And of course, we'll be going to our phrase of the day - 필름이 끊기다 (pilleum-i kkeunkida). Listen in and learn some new vocabulary, and learn some new phrases that Koreans use! And after listening, remember to stop by and leave us a post!
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Idioms and Phrases #3 - Aww Come’on…

Idioms and Phrases
Aww come'on... Won't you come to There you can learn Korean with all your friends and language experts in the most vibrant community on the internet! In today's lesson, we're giving another phrase. A student did not do his homework, and now he's talking with his professor (교수님). In today's lesson, we're going to go over a phrase that may be useful for Korean students who may not be so diligent with their homework. So remember to listen in, and use this in your own Korean Class. And after listening, remember to stop by and leave us a post!

Idioms and Phrases #4 - Let’s Play!

Idioms and Phrases
To learn Korean with free online lessons and free daily podcasts is pretty much like playing in a sandbox. It can't get any easier or any more fun! In this lesson, Max has run into 김태희 (gimtaehui), and 비 (bi - Rain), and has befriended them. He's planning to meet them, go out for some food, and hang out with them... or so he says. And his friend is just as skeptical as we are. Listen in to today's lesson and learn how to make plans with -기로 하다 (-giro hada). And as we don't believe him, we're going to be using our phrase: 놀고 있네... (nol-go itne...). Listen in to bonus to find out what that means! And after listening, remember to stop by and leave us a post!

Idioms and Phrases #5 - Words that Kill

Idioms and Phrases
Tired of the same old Korean vocabulary? Do you want to learn interesting, useful, and commonly used Korean vocabulary and phrases? Look no further, idioms and phrases provides the essential Korean vocabulary that you can't find in a text book. In this lesson, we'll be focusing on some Korean words that can kill. Not literally of course! In this lesson we go over some phrases that some consider Korean slang, 끝내 주다 (kkeutnae juda) and 죽여 주다 (jukyeo juda)! So remember to listen in and learn Korean with! The only source for free daily podcasts, and online Korean lessons. And after listening, remember to stop by and listen in to the bonus track! There you'll definitely be able to learn some Korean slang!