10. Jeollado Dialect

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avatar KoreanClass101.com

여러분… 밥 먹었는가? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Dialects are cool!

avatar KoreanClass101.com

Hi Ian,

Thanks for posting. Jeollado is also famous for the food, so you should definitely visit with an empty belly! :grin:

Team KoreanClass101.com

avatar Ian

I looked up this region of South Korea, it looks very pretty. May take a train down there from Seoul one day. :smile:

avatar KoreanClass101.com

Hi Rina,

고맙긴요. 아니구먼요~ :smile:
Thanks for your comment!

Team KoreanClass101.com

avatar Rina

Thank you guys for this! Thought short, I really learned a lot. Anyway, if you dialect learners out there want to watch something where the characters are speaking the Jeolla dialect almost through out the series, watch Jang Bori is Here! That’s where I get my interest in learning dialects :p 참말로 고맙구먼요 쌤들님~^^

avatar KoreanClass101.com

Hi Hazlinda,

Sorry for the confusion.
It has been fixed.

Team KoreanClass101.com

avatar Hazlinda

The audio doesn’t match with this word - 오랜만이다 , both in vocab section (lesson materials) and in the flashcards.
Please help to check and fix it.


avatar KoreanClass101.com

Hi Mandy,

Thanks for having interesting learning Korean with us!
I’d like to know which city you move to.
I used to live in Yeosu, when I was child.
There are lots of famous restaurants.
Enjoy your new life there.

For your question, google “전라남도 방언”, please.
There are so many things on the web sites.


Team KoreanClass101.com

avatar Mandy

Thanks for this lesson KClass, I enjoyed it!!

I’m going to be moving to Jeollanamdo in a couple months to teach English, and it’s excellent to hear some of the dialect of the region! I would like to hear more though - are there any other lessons that use Jeollado dialect?

avatar 선현우(Hyunwoo Sun)

Park :) Thank you!!!

avatar Park

What a great lesson! Thank you!