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6. Hangul Basic Consonants 3:ㅁ,ㅂ,ㅍ

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avatar shaqayeq

tnx for your prety nice videos… :heart: :thumbsup:


Hi Diana,

Yes, that’s correct.
Hope you find them useful! :)


avatar Diana

Hello. The words in green in the lessons material are the romanization?


Hi Esty,

Thank you for posting.
Please try to log out, clean the cache and cookies and to log in again. This should solve the issue, but if you experience it again, please send us a mail to , mentioning that you have already tried these steps.

Thank you,

avatar Esty

the video dosen’t play :disappointed: , what can I do?


Hi Nisha,

To make 아파요 informal, just drop the polite ending 요 and say 아파.


avatar Nisha

So since 요 at the end of 아파요 is the polite ending, we have to say 아파다 when in an informal situation, or when the situation is not very formal?


Hi Dina and Angela

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Please find more about our paid and free options here ->

Let us know if you have any other questions.


avatar Dina

Hi! I’m still on my free trial, but I was wondering if once thats over, i won’t be able to watch other videos?? Like the pronociation and more advanced videos of hangul. Also are there any romanization videos? Thank you!! :smile:
Btw, I can’t believe how quickly this videos make us learn so easily something that I thought was so hard !! :thumbsup: :heart:

avatar Angela

hi! my 7-day free trial is over that does mean i won’t be able to watch the hana hana hangul videos? i was able to watch videos from 1-5 now i want to continue with 6 but it’s not working. please help. your videos are very informative and catchy. thank you. and another thing, i’m confused with “giyeok”, sometimes its being read as G and sometimes K. same with rieul don’t know if its R or L? been reading different articles on korean alphabets and koreanclass101 is the one i found really helpful most. THANK YOU AGAIN :) GOD BLESS.

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