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12. This Might be the Most Important Lesson You Read!

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Grammar: Function: Topic: , , Politeness Level:
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Posting in Korean? Leave a translation. It's good practice and helps others.


여러분, 내일 뭐 “할지도 몰라요”? (Everyone, what “might” you do tomorrow?)


Hi 케이티,

식탕이 열을지도 몰라. -> 식당이 열지도 몰라.
(그 문이 맞알지도 몰라). -> 그 문이 맞을지도 몰라.

수업을 빠지면, 낙잴지도 몰라요. -> 수업을 빠지면 낙제할지도 몰라요.

It seems like you got the grammar. Just need to go over spelling errors!
Good job! :thumbsup:


avatar 케이티

식탕이 열을지도 몰라. (그 문이 맞알지도 몰라).

수업을 빠지면, 낙잴지도 몰라요.


Hi David,

Adjective/Verb + (으)ㄹ지도 모르다 is translated as “it might ~.” or “it may ~.”
Conjugation Rules:
1. If there is no batchim or if the adjective/verb stem ends with a ㄹ, 을지도 모르다.
2. If there is a batchim at the end of the adjective/verb stem, ㄹ지도 모르다.

늦다 -> 늦을지도 모르다
하다 -> 할지도 모르다

몰라 is the present informal form of 모르다.

Hope this helps.


avatar David

I have two questions regarding the Beginner S3, Lesson 12 dialogue.
Line 4 uses the phrase “그럴지도 몰라” and translates it as “it might be”. I am not familiar with that verb stem so I made the guess that the verb is 그러다. The Korean Class 101 dictionary defines it as “to do it, to do that” which doesn’t seem to fit the translation. So is that the right verb or is there more to the definition?

Secondly, if the translation is “it might be” why would we not use 이다 as the verb? Confused…


Hey 소팟,

Great try on sentence creation! it is almost done - let me just give you little bit of change on your sentences!;)

내가 저기에 있을 지도 몰라요./모른다 -> 저기 있다 could be used to mean ‘there’
저녁 먹을지도 몰라요. -> except for one little typo, this sentence is perfect 소팟!:D

Please keep up with your great job and hope to hear from you soon!;)

Thank you


avatar 소팟

- 내 가 저기를지도 모르다. I might be there.
- 저녁 먹을지도 모라요. Maybe you like go to dinner.


Hi Colin,

This is Madison again from

We have fixed what you have commented us and we are appreciated!

Please take a look and see if it will be helpful for you now :)

Thank you



Hi Collin!

Thank you for your comment!

Could you kindly let us know which sentence you mean here?

Thank you


avatar Colin

the alternative transcript is the same as the original transcript, even though it claims to be in the standard politeness level. it’s a carbon copy.

avatar 크리스 쌤

내일 일을 할지도 몰라요