10. Jeollado Dialect

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avatar KoreanClass101.com

Hi Mandy,

Thanks for having interesting learning Korean with us!
I’d like to know which city you move to.
I used to live in Yeosu, when I was child.
There are lots of famous restaurants.
Enjoy your new life there.

For your question, google “전라남도 방언”, please.
There are so many things on the web sites.


Team KoreanClass101.com

avatar Mandy

Thanks for this lesson KClass, I enjoyed it!!

I’m going to be moving to Jeollanamdo in a couple months to teach English, and it’s excellent to hear some of the dialect of the region! I would like to hear more though - are there any other lessons that use Jeollado dialect?

avatar 선현우(Hyunwoo Sun)

Park :) Thank you!!!

avatar Park

What a great lesson! Thank you!

avatar Sorah

and I use to say Kyuran instead of keran….

avatar Sorah

I distinctly remember my grandma was always saying Wome, not Ume….. And she’s from jeollado….

avatar ninda

To : Yuna

Hi.. do you can speak indonesian?
Jo neun indonesia eso wasseoyo.

avatar ninda

To: Seol

Annyeong haseyo…
Do you can speak indonesian? :grin:

avatar ninda

To: Seol and Yuna

i like your voice…
aju joahaeyo… :grin:

avatar KoreanClass101.com

thingy works great too! and i think we could have also added in “watchamacallit” (remember those chocolate bars?) hehe ^^

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