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Newest Lessons

Audio Blog #6 - Exams, Exams, Exams…

Advanced Audio Blog 1
Learn Korean with KoreanClass101.com! Korea's education system is quite different than those outside of Asia. One's education is based mainly on, well, exams, exams, exams. There's exams of all different types in Korea. Listen in to today's Audio blog, Hyunwoo talks about Exams of all different types. And after listening, be sure to stop by KoreanClass101.com and leave us a post!

Video #2 - How to Read and Write Hangul II (FREE!)

Hangul Videos
Learn Korean with KoreanClass101.com! We're continuing our series on "How to Read and Write Hangul." In our last series we went over the basics of reading and writing, and the general structure of Hangul. In this video, we're going over the basic structure for words. We'll be going over how to make words using one consonant and one syllable, the most basic way to form any word in Korean. After watching, be sure to stop by and leave us a post! To Celebrate Hangul Day 2010 this video has been made FREE!

Newbie #6 - Calling on Skype II (How Ya Been?)

Newbie Season 1
Learn Korean with KoreanClass101.com! Today Gyeongho and Sojin continue their conversation on the phone. Sojin asks if Gyeongho has been good, and then she asks about his mother. In today's lesson, there's a great way to ask about someone else, outside of the conversation. Using -은요/는요 (-eunyo/neunyo) can sway a question, and ask about another person. So be sure to listen in and find out about this ending! And after listening, remember to stop by and leave us a post!

Korean Culture Class #2 - Hangul

Korean Culture Class
Learn Korean with KoreanClass101.com! Today is the much anticipated Hangul Day! So today we have a culture class for this great day! Hangul was created by the Great King Sejong. It's rumored that he got a vision of Hangul while he was sitting on the toilet! Learn about how Sejong created Hangul, Hangul usage in North Korea, and Mongolian Birthmarks. Just another day at KoreanClass101.com! And if you listen in, remember to stop by and leave us a post!

News #6 - Hangul Video and Contest Update

Learn Korean with KoreanClass101.com! We're wrapping up everything here at KoreanClass101.com with everything that has to do with Hangul. The contest is coming to a close, and we're launching the next video in the "How to Read and Write Hangul" Series this week! And after you listen in be sure to leave us a post!