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Ordering Pizza Over the Phone

Food, sports, television, movies, music, and the list goes on - food and entertainment is a huge part of Korean culture.
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Ordering Pizza Over the Phone

Postby roboytoe563484 » February 24th, 2012 12:48 pm

It's me again!

I had my first experience the other night ordering pizza for my friends (who were all afraid of ordering over the phone. Since they knew I was studying Korean, they basically gave the phone to me faster than you can say "jackknife").

Anyway to make a long story short it was actually a success "yay" and I was pretty proud of myself. It was a little difficult, and during the end I said a few times "이해가 안가요" (I don't understand). The part I did not seem to understand at the end was he was asking for my address (which he said in English). For the entire phone conversation though I did not break out of my Korean (or caveman Korean rather) the entire time, and I will let you people know that, at least for me, it was quite a prideful moment . :D

So, this is what I said in Korean. (Entire Korean transcript is me speaking)

-피자 한게 주세요
(Friend shouting out: Order two pies!)
(Me: ARG)

-피자 두게 주세요
(Another friend shouts out: We want hawaiian and pepperoni)
(Me to myself: We probably should have decided this before doing this whole phone thing)

-미안해요. 페퍼 로니 피자 한개이랑 하와이피자 한개 주세요.
(Man on the phone asks for something. I guessed it was my address)

-여기 넷...아니...사백오일...
(Man on the phone seems confused. He talks a little bit more.)
-미안해요. 이해가 안가요.
(Man asks in English if I want Cola)
-예. 콜라 한병 주세요.
(Man says something again. I repeat my survival "sorry, dont understand" phrase)
(Man then asks for my address again in English)
-예. 사백오십일 blah blah로 blah blah blah 방 삼백이십이.
(Man says thank you)

Next thing we know our pizza successful arrives.

NOW is there anything that I can learn that can make this conversation go more smoothly? Because I am sure there is some sort of ritual that all Koreans go through when ordering any type of food over the phone like they do in English.

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Postby trutherous » February 25th, 2012 1:18 pm

a fantastic success dude! great job!

Keep it up --that;s the way

I want to write a self-help book for learning Korean - it will be one page long and say

Study hard!
Practice a lot!

Once again congratulations on the successful pizza order. 전화로 피자 주문 성공에 축하해요

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Postby jaehwi » February 27th, 2012 6:10 pm

First of all CONGRATULATIONS!! XD that must've needed alot of courage! So proud of you!

You can simply imagine what you would say when ordering a pizza in your country as well.

But some Korean delivery places ask your address first too!

Then you could say I want this and that which you did great!

I think they might have asked the bread type since big places like Domino's or Pizza Hut have got two types or bread either thin or regular.

Also you could put cheese on the edge as an extra so they might have asked you about that too!

I know you could've done it on internet but I am really proud of you to call and try your best!

Keep up with it and you will become really fluent at Korean soon


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Re: Ordering Pizza Over the Phone

Postby reaveswt7014 » December 5th, 2012 9:13 am

In case your friends are as picky as mine can be, you might want to use the following phrase:
_____ 뺄 주세요 (Hold the ____, please)

I also like to ask how long the delivery will take because sometimes they come in a flash and other places take what feels like eons. You can say 얼마 결려요? (I think we say this mainly in Gyeongsang province so I'm not sure if people in other places will understand it...but it's worth a try!)

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Re: Ordering Pizza Over the Phone

Postby community.korean » December 5th, 2012 3:57 pm

Wonderful try!
When next time you order it again, don't forget me :lol:
Just kidding~

Thanks for the telling us!
Enjoy our lessons please.


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