21. Should I Do It Or Not?

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avatar George Posten

Having read the lesson notes I am left wondering what is a very ’steb’ :lol: the B is not that close to the M on my keyboard. Kclass101 you are doing a splendid job, keep it up.

나 - 나영훈

avatar heeyuan

There seems to be a lot of reruns of intermediate series. When will the newer season for intermediate going to be released? Also, will the Advanced series other than the Audio Blog going to be continued?

avatar Eric

You’ve got to subsribe to a Basic membership to be able to download the lesson notes from koreanclass101.com. The 7-day free trial is a good way to start. To read the romanized version of the dialogues and the translation (assuming romanized Korean doesn’t bother you), you can also turn on the Lyrics/Caption feature of your MP3 player (Windows Media Player for example).

사실은 나는 지금하고 있는 일에 만족하지 않거든. 그만둘까 말까 매일 생각하는데 요즘은 새 일자리를 알아보기 쉽지 않잖아. 난 대부분 사람들처럼 살아가기 위해 돈이 필요있잖아. :roll: 아무튼 다항스럼게도 KC101분들 함께 한국어 공부하는 것을 즐길 수 있어 :cool:
[to tell the truth, I’m not satisfied with my current job. Everyday, I’m wondering whether to quit or not, but these days it isn’t easy to find a new job. Like most people I need money to make ends meet, you know. Anyway, fortunately I am able to enjoy learning Korean with the folks at KC101.]

실수 있으면 좀 연락해 주세요. :mrgreen:

avatar jun

식사 했어요? :lol:

avatar emma_haniagan

how can i view a dialogue and also sign up the korean class.