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Cheat Sheet to Mastering Korean #8 - Pop Quiz Time! Do You Know How To Test Your Skills?
We know, we know - if you wanted to take tests and quizzes, you'd go enroll in your local community college's foreign language classes. But did you know that even as a self-studier, quizzing yourself will really bring out the best in your language abilities? And the best part about our quizzes is that the grades are for your eyes only. And did we mention that they're pretty fun too? Keep listening to this Cheat Sheet to Mastering a Language Lesson to find out more about the fun and easy ways you can quiz yourself on!
Particles #24 - Extra Particles, Part 2
Learn Korean particles with! Using particles correctly can be difficult for Korean learners, and that's why is here to help! In this 25-lesson series, you'll learn the when, how, and why of Korean particles. You'll be speaking natural Korean in no time! In this lesson, you'll learn more extra particles. Visit us at where you'll find many more fantastic Korean lessons and learning resources! Leave us a message while you are there!
News #178 - Final Week! The Last 5 Korean Deals of the Big Holiday Countdown Start Midnight!
Waiting ‘til New Years just to start Korean? Forget that!There are still 5 days and 5 awesome Korean deals to get you speaking Korean long before 2015 arrives. The Big Holiday Countdown ends on Friday, December 19th, 2014. Last week’s top Holiday deals like 55% OFF Premium and 50% off all iBooks are gone.Tomorrow’s Deal Revealed! Get 47% OFF Basic & Premium!This week will have 5 completely new deals, starting with Monday’s 47% OFF Basic and Premium! Take advantage of these Holiday Deals before the Countdown ends!Become a Premium Member at 47% OFF, and instantly unlock our advanced language learning system and access all the amazing features coming in 2015... - Hundreds of New Audio & Video Lessons at KoreanClass101- Updated Innovative Language App for the iPhone/iPad including a New Lessons Feed and the Progress Tracking Dashboard- Brand New Flashcards so you can master Korean vocab faster. They’ll sort words for you, quiz you on the hard words and skip the easy ones- Scrolling Transcripts so you can see and read the word-for-word transcript for every lesson on the lesson page- New Video Lessons such as the Ultimate Pronunciation Guide, Weekly Words & Top Phrases!- And much more! Remember, each deal lasts only 24 hours before being replaced with a new one. Tune in to this Sunday News to get a sneak peek at the next week’s deals plus 2015’s new features.
Lower Intermediate S2 #18 - Don’t Stop Learning Korean
Learn Korean with! When you ask your friend to travel, she has to call her mother first to ask for permission. Since you are both in college, you wonder why she can't just go: after all, she is an adult. Your friend hangs up and says she can go, and she tells you in Korean that it's good she didn't have to ask her father: he always says no! In this lesson, you will learn about VST + 지 말라고 하다, meaning "to tell someone not to do something" in Korean. Today's Korean conversation takes place on the telephone between parents and their children. Because the children are speaking to their parents, they are speaking formal Korean. You'll also find out how the traditional roles of Korean parents have changed over the years. Visit us at, where you will find many more fantastic Korean lessons and learning resources! Leave us a message while you are there!
Grammar: Function: Topic:
Culture Class: Holidays in South Korea #12 - Dano, the Fifth Day of the Fifth Month
Learn more about Korean culture with! Ever wondered what the most important Korean holidays are, and how they are celebrated? Then this 25-lesson audio series is for you! With this series, you'll learn the what, why, when and how of 25 well-known holidays in South Korea.In this lesson, you'll learn all about Dano, the Fifth Day of the Fifth Month in South Korea and how it's celebrated, from food to decorations, while building your Korean vocabulary. Visit us at, where you will find many more fantastic Korean audio and video lessons and learning resources! Leave us a message while you're there!