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News #199 - Win a 1-Month Premium Subscription by Giving Us Feedback. There Will Be 100 Winners!
That’s right. It’s time for our survey, and we want your feedback. In fact, a lot of your favorite features and lessons were once requests by users like you, so your voice matters. Take the quick survey and enter to win a 1-month Premium subscription. There’ll be 100 winners!Click here to take the KoreanClass101 Survey!Tune in to this Sunday News to learn more about the survey and how you can win a free 1-month Premium subscription. Or click above to jump into the quick survey right now!
Korean Vocab Builder #13 - Weather
Learn Korean with! Our Korean vocabulary lists are listener favorites, and now we've made it even better! In each lesson, you'll hear the Korean words and phrases from the Korean vocabulary lists. Join us for Korean Vocab Builder! In this lesson, you'll learn words and phrases about the Weather. Click here to make your own flashcards using the vocab and phrases introduced in this lesson! Visit us at, where you will find Korean lesson notes and many more fantastic lessons and learning resources. Leave us a message while you are here!
Inner Circle #21 - September Inner Circle: A Guaranteed Way To Double Your Korean Speaking Time
Last time, you learned why it’s important to do a mid-year review of your progress and about the law of increasing motivation. This time, we’re going into more actionable learning tactics. The kind you can apply right now so you speak more Italian. How? With the help of our audio and video lessons… and a bit of structure.   In this Inner Circle Lesson, you'll learn:   1. Why most learners simply don’t make real progress with speaking 2. How I doubled my speaking time with our lessons and structure 3. How you can double your speaking time with ItalianPod101
Innovative Korean Culture for Absolute Beginners #2 - How to Take a Taxi in Seoul
In this lesson, you'll learn How to Take a Taxi in Seoul. Visit us at, where you will find Korean lesson notes and many more fantastic lessons and learning resources. Leave us a message while you are here! Learn innovative Korean with! Whether you're moving to Korea or just visiting, you'll need the fundamental Korean words and phrases we cover in this Innovative Korean video series. Featuring vibrant animated scenarios and plenty of time to practice out loud, these videos cover everything from introducing yourself and talking about where you're from, right through to checking in at a hotel. Join us for Innovative Korean at!
Upper Intermediate S2 #23 - Tell Us Your Thoughts in Korean
Learn Korean with! When you are done with work for the day, your boss pulls you aside and tells you in Korean that he is worried about you. When you ask why, he explains in Korean that he appreciates all the hard work you do, but you never seem to take a vacation. Shouldn't you take a few days off while you're in Korea? You should, but that would mean that you would have to find time to leave the office. Maybe he should stop giving you too much to do! In this lesson, you will learn about Korean expressions that use the word "thoughts." Our Korean conversation takes place in the workplace between an employee and his boss. The employee will use formal Korean, and his boss will use informal Korean. You'll also find out how Koreans use their time off. Visit us at, where you will find many more fantastic Korean lessons and learning resources! Leave us a message while you are there!