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News #214 - Question for You: Is Speaking Korean Your #1 Weakness? 5 Ways to Improve Inside.
Which of these is your weakest skill: reading, speaking, listening or writing in Korean? For most Korean learners – regardless of their learning method – speaking is almost always the number one weakness. Why is that?Starts Now! Click Here to Get 28% OFF Basic or Premium & A Free Audiobook!In this Sunday News, you’ll learn how to speak Korean like a pro. Why are most learners not confident about chatting in Korean? And how can you improve your Korean speaking skills at KoreanClass101? You’ll hear about 5 proven ways, so listen now to learn more!
News #213 - For Android Users Only! You’re Getting Free Mini-Language Lesson with this App
Back in January, you got the Daily Dose of Korean – daily 1-minute mini-lessons so you can learn Korean easily every day. Well, the iOS users amongst you got it anyway! This time, we have good news for you Android users!Click Here to Download the Daily Dose App: Android, iPhone & iPad!Click Here to Get 20% OFF Premium & Premium PLUS!In this Sunday News, you’ll learn about the new, FREE Daily Dose App for the Android, as well as the iPhone and iPad. What does it mean for you? Easy, mini-lessons every day covering topics from culture and holidays to grammar, slang and phrases. All so you get addicted with a daily dose and learn quickly and easily.
News #212 - 5 Ways to Get Every Korean Lesson for Free + Your New Feature Inside
Imagine having an all-access pass to brand new Korean lessons...for free. You’d never need to buy another textbook again! The lessons come directly to you. You learn Korean with the help of real teachers. And you’re closer to your goal of learning Korean.Get Your All-Access Pass! Click here to get 25% OFF ALL Plans!How can you do this? In this Sunday News, you’ll learn the 5 Ways to Get Every KoreanClass101 Lesson for Free. One of them is a brand new feature – Apple TV Access – so you can learn Korean on the big screen!
Inner Circle #26 - February 2016: 7 Minutes & 7 Seconds to Korean Learning Success
Last time, you learned how to make your own language learning profile. This time, we’re talking about the 7 minutes and 7 seconds to Korean learning success. If you’ve had trouble sticking to language learning this year, this is for you.   In this Inner Circle Lesson, you'll learn:   1. How To Develop a Learning Routine in 7 Minutes & 7 Seconds 2. Why This Amount of Time Is All You Need To Get Started 3. How You Can Apply It As Well
News #211 - 2 Tactics Successful Korean Learners Use & 2 New Features Inside
Do you do this too? In our experience, top Korean learners often start out with a goal, no matter how small. For example... “I want to introduce myself”, or “I want to speak for 5 minutes” or “I want to talk about my hobbies.” They find the lessons that’ll help them achieve that goal. Then, they come back to these lessons again and again. Why?Click Here to Get 20% OFF Premium by March 9th, 2016!In this Sunday News, you’ll learn about 2 powerful learning tactics. You can put them to use right now at KoreanClass101. And you’ll also learn about 2 NEW features that’ll help you put these tactics to use...and master Korean faster.