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Inner Circle #25 - January 2016: Get a Big Head Start with Your Language Profile Cheat Sheet
You’re receiving this because you made a resolution for 2016 and took the Challenge. Now that you have a goal in mind, let’s talk about the first steps to learning a language. Normally, I recommend writing out a self-introduction. This time, I also built my language profile. What’s that, you ask?   In this Inner Circle Lesson, you'll learn:   1. Why You Need a Language Profile When You Start Learning 2. How I Started Learning German in 2016 with this Method 3. How You Can Make Your Own Language Profile Cheat Sheet 3. BONUS: How to set up successful goals for 2016 (more info in the PDF)  
News #208 - Your New Languages & Special Gift for Helping Us Reach 34 Languages!
Last time, you got the new Daily Dose App so you can learn your language in minutes a day. There’s more! This time, we’re celebrating 34 languages – that’s right, we have 3 brand new languages for 2016 – and have a special gift for you for helping us grow!Celebrate With Us! Click Here to Get 34% OFF Premium!What are the new languages? And what’s the special gift? Tune in to this Sunday News to learn about the new members of the Innovative Language family. And find out how you can join the 34 Language Celebration with 34% OFF at KoreanClass101! Learn more Korean for less with this exclusive discount; ends February 3rd, 2016!First 101 takers only! Get 50% OFF for Life with the Founding Fathers Special! - Click here to learn Afrikaans at - Click here to learn Romanian at - Click here to learn Urdu at
News #207 - New Free App! Get Daily Mini-Lessons on the iPhone & iPad
The year has just started and we already have new study tools for you! What’s new? Daily 1-minute mini-lessons with the Daily Dose App. Learn a little bit of language every day!Free! Click Here to Download the Daily Dose App for the iPhone & iPad!Click Here to Get 20% OFF Premium! Ends January 27th, 2016!In this Sunday News, you’ll learn about the new, FREE Daily Dose App for the iPhone and iPad. New easy, mini-lessons every day covering topics from culture and holidays to grammar, slang and phrases. All so you get addicted with a daily dose and learn quickly and easily.Tune in to find out which languages are available on the App.
News #206 - Go From Failure To Achieving Your Korean New Year’s Resolution
2016 is here. A new year and a fresh start to the Korean learning season. Millions have made their resolutions. Most will give up after one month. But you?You’re mastering Korean this year. How? With the help of KoreanClass101!Take the 12-Month Challenge - We’ll Teach You Korean.Click Here to Get 12-month Premium for ONLY $99.NEW! Click to Here To Get 12-month Premium PLUS for JUST $199!Guarantee your success with tips from Peter Galante, founder of KoreanClass101. Find out how he struggled and then crushed his language challenges. Tune in to this Sunday News to hear how you can achieve your resolution for 2016!
News #202 - You Don’t Want To Miss This Massive Update from KoreanClass101
Why’s this the one lesson you don't want to miss? Because this is your BIG chance to take advantage of what’s to come. In 2016, we’re launching even more incredible Korean lessons and study tools, but you have to be a Premium member to get ’em.Ends tomorrow! Click here to get 50% OFF 1- or 2-year Premium!Take advantage now. Become a Premium member at 50% OFF, and...1. Get instant access to our entire Korean learning system, and2. Ensure access to the newest study tools and lessons coming in 2016. What’s coming? Just see for yourself...- 3,900+ Audio & Video Lessons in TOTAL! That’s across all of our Innovative Language sites. That’s about 650 hours of lessons!- Video Lesson Captions! Understand Korean better, read faster with video lesson captions for every single KoreanClass101 video lesson.- Advanced Lesson Search! Find the lessons that you need. Looking for a lesson with a specific word – motivation, greetings, etc.? If our teachers have said it in a lesson, you will find it. - More New Video Series such as Listening Comprehension, Ask a Teacher and our most popular Innovative Culture lessons. All made by Korean teachers. - Exclusive Inner Circle Lessons. Learn how to truly master Korean with actionable tips, and learning tactics from proven learners.- ...And much more!Don’t miss your BIG chance to get Premium access at a FRACTION of the regular price! Tune in to this Sunday News to hear what’s coming this month and in 2016!