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Beginner Lesson S4 #6 - How Much Are You Doing “While” You Are in Korea?!
You finally made it to Korea to see your long-lost friend from high school. She meets you at the airport, anxious to catch up on old times. You have a big surprise for her! You have been learning Korean so you can communicate with her in her native language! She asks you what you have planned while you are in Korea, so here's your chance to shine! You tell her in Korean, "while I am in Korea, I want to visit the Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung, and Gyeongheegung Palaces." But, you don't stop there! You pull an extensive list of Korean destinations from your carryon bag and continue speaking in Korean. "While, I am near Seoul, I want to go to Seokmodo Island and visit the Bomunsa Temple. And then..." Suddenly, looking at your HUGE itinerary, your friend stops you and asks in Korean, "do you have any time for me in your busy schedule while you are in Korea...and when did you start speaking Korean?!" Learning Korean with is the most fun and effective way to learn Korean! This Korean Beginner lesson will teach you how to say "while" in Korean to combine two actions such as "being in Korea" and "visiting your friend!" While you are listening to this Korean beginner lesson, stop by KoreanClass101 and pick up more great Korean learning materials! You'll be glad you did! Leave us a comment while you're there!
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Lower Beginner #24 - Sending a Package from Korea
Learn Korean with! Your brother's birthday is coming up, and for once you're organized enough to have bought him a present with enough time to send it home from Korea. You've been so busy in your Korean job, though, that you haven't had a spare moment to go to the post office! So when you find out that the post office near your apartment is open on Saturdays, you decide to go this weekend! In this lesson, you'll learn how to talk to postal workers in honorific Korean. Visit us at, where you will find many more fantastic Korean lessons and learning resources. Leave us a message while you are there!
Newbie Lesson S4 #4 – Korean Imperative: Catch That Mosquito and Spray it!
Today you and your friends in Korea are spending the entire day outside, relaxing in the warm Korean sun. OUCH! What's that? A mosquito? Aren't you glad you brought repellent? But seems to be chasing you! Running away frantically, you call back to your friends in Korean, "Catch that mosquito!" Laughing at you hysterically running away from a tiny little bug, they yell back in Korean, "We're not catching it, you catch it! After all, you're closer!" Very funny! It bites you again! Screaming in agony, you cry back for help in Korean, "Please, spray the repellent!" Your friends are not being helpful at all as they yell back in Korean, "You come back here and spray it yourself!" Finally, you make it back, spray the repellent, and you're safe! What's that? Oh, you want me to spray the repellent? Humph! Learning Korean with is the most fun and effective way to learn Korean! This Korean Newbie lesson will teach you how to form the imperative in Korean using Korean phrases meaning, "catch it" and "spray it!" We'll tell you why you need to use the imperative and show you how easy it is to form this simple Korean construction! Visit us at KoreanClass101 for more great Korean lessons and learning materials! Leave us a message while you are there!
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Audio Blog #7 - Self-Service
Learn Korean with! If you're ever in a restaurant in Korea, you may be waiting and waiting and waiting. The waiter doesn't come and you're starving for your food. What's going on? If you're in Korea, there are tons of self-service venues. Today Hyunwoo talks about self-service venues and not so Johnny-on-the-spot service. After listening, be sure to stop by and leave Hyunwoo a post!
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Korean Culture Class #1 - Chuseok
Learn Korean with! Today's a very special day in Korea. Today is 추석 (chuseok)! This is the holiday which celebrates the harvest in Korea. And also, Iseul, a new member of our team, joins us for the first time to discuss Chuseok! Be sure to leave us a post and ask any questions you may have!
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