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News #161 - 1 Proven Motivation Tactic To See Your Korean Grow
Some learners have no problem with motivation. They listen to Korean lessons, leave comments and questions and study with flashcards. But if you’re like most of us, you need a boost to your motivation. So, how do you stay motivated while learning Korean?Click here to Grow Your Korean! Get 25% OFF + A Free AudiobookIn today’s Sunday News, we talk about one proven tactic to boost motivation and how you can use it at KoreanClass101. It’s no secret, but few people actually use it. Also, find out how to grow your Korean with our latest 25% off sale and get a Free Audiobook!
Beginner #25 - Whatcha doin?
Not sure what you're doing, but I know what you're going to be doing. That's learn Korean with! In today's lesson, two friends talk to each other, and they don't really have much to say. Just hanging out, watching tv, drinking Korean beer, reading a book, and eating Korean snacks are all part of the daily routine. Not much going on. But we got a lot going on in terms of the grammar. We're going to go over the -아/-어/-여 (-a/-eo/-yeo) conjugation. One of the foundations of Korean education. So remember to listen in to today's lesson. And after listening, remember to stop by and practice with us!
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Lower Intermediate #11 - He Wasn’t Even At Home!
Saturday and Sunday... ah.. the day of rest. Koreans work the most hours in the world, and they definitely need their weekends to cool down. But not in this household! As you learn Korean, you'll find out about our poor Section Chief thought he had the weekend to rest. But he got right up and cleaned the entire house, let alone rest! And did his son help? His son wasn't even home, let alone help! And that's our Korean grammar point today: "let alone." Be sure to listen in to this 100% Korean conversation and practice with native Korean speakers!
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News #160 - Our Favorite Ways to Remember Korean Vocab PLUS A New Premium Feature
When you’re done with a lesson season at’ve learned a lot of Korean. Especially Korean vocabulary. But do you remember it all? Korean words can come as fast as they can go. Click here to go Premium at 20% OFF to get our entire learning system!In this Sunday News, we’re talking about the best ways to remember Korean vocab and our newest Premium Feature: Season Vocabulary Lists. These lists give you all the Korean vocab from any Lesson Season in one spot. But, you’ll hear more about that in the audio.
Intermediate Lesson S2 #22 - Almost to the Point Where You Learn Without Trying!
Learn Korean with! Well, everyone tried to warn your cousin about joining the military in Korea. It's the same everywhere. You learn a lot in the military about respect, honor, being responsible - you know...the normal rhetoric. But tonight, he came home very upset, ranting to everyone in Korean, "My Corporal yelled at me all day yesterday until I thought my ears would bleed!" Your father (a Korean army retiree) asked your cousin in Korean, "Well, you must have done something to deserve it son! He must have told you repeatedly to do something almost to the point of ridiculous!" Your cousin, looking a little ashamed now, tried to explain in Korean, "It's just that I have never done laundry he has told me over and over until he says his head hurts now. He wants me to keep doing laundry every night until I learn to do it correctly!" Now, he has the attention of his father and mother too! His father speaks up from across the room and says in Korean, "Well, no son of mine is going to make a Corporal speak until his head hurts! Now son you can do the laundry every night at home, too, so that you learn to get it right!" Great, this is almost to the point of hilarity!! Learning Korean with is the most fun and effective way to learn Korean! This Korean Intermediate lesson will teach you how to say Korean phrases meaning, "until," "so that...," or "almost to the point of...." Visit us at KoreanClass101 where you will find many more fantastic Korean lessons and learning resources! Leave us a message while you are there!
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