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Newbie Lesson S3 #25 - What Does Your Profession Say About You in Korea?
Learn Korean with! You have been looking forward to this date all week! Being that you are extremely shy, you asked your friends at the Korean university to set you up with the hottest guy at the college (at least in your opinion) and pretend it's a blind date! In fact, as he walked across the nicest Korean restaurant in town to sit with you, you could not believe this date was actually happening! As you chat over your romantic dinner, he begins to ask more about your family in Korean, "So, what does your Dad do for a living?" Believing things are going rather well, you explain in Korean, "My father works for a large Korean company." He continues in Korean, "Hmm, what does your mother do?" Becoming quite hopeful, you reply in Korean, "Oh, my mother is a homemaker." Pressing on, he asks in Korean, "Don't you have a sister, too?" Finally, getting a little perturbed with all the questions about your sister, you yell in Korean, "Hey! Don't you want to know anything about about what I do?!" Learning Korean with is the most fun and effective way to learn Korean! This Korean Newbie lesson will teach you how to ask about professions in Korean using the Korean phrase meaning, "What do you do?" We will also give you some helpful Korean vocabulary for discussing family members and their professions. Visit us at KoreanClass101 when you will find many more fantastic Korean lessons and learning resources! Leave us a message while you are there!
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News #175 - We’re Thanking You with Free Gifts, New Features & A Big Korean Discount!
With Thanksgiving coming up, it’s time we pause and give thanks to the most important person here: you, our listener. You downloaded our lessons and helped us reach 300 Million Lesson Downloads. Your feedback helped us launch a new App, release new Innovative Korean lessons and much more!Click here to get a 1-Day Only VIP 40% OFF on Premium!So how do we thank you? In this Sunday News, we’re thanking you with Free Gifts, New Features and Big Discounts. What are they? Tune in to find out! And stay sharp. With the Holiday Season coming up, there are more Korean learning treats coming up next month!
News #174 - 3 Ways to Perfect your Korean Speaking & A New Feature!
Ever notice how most Korean beginners are good at reading and writing? But when it comes to speaking...most freeze up. They have to stop and think. And some are downright scared! Why is that?Click here to get 20% OFF any Premium or Premium PLUS subscription!In this Sunday News, you’ll find out what makes beginners struggle with Korean speaking. And, you’ll find out 3 ways you can perfect your speaking skills at KoreanClass101, along with a brand new Premium PLUS feature! Tune in to learn more!
Beginner Lesson S4 #5 - Everything You “Shouldn’t Do” in Korea!
You have been preparing for your big move to Korea for months now! Although your kids have not been nearly as diligent in their Korean studies as you and your husband have been! Now that your family is here in Korea, your children wish they had spent a little more time learning about Korea and how to speak Korean better! They have tried to meet some of the Korean children living around you, but it seems they are having difficulty everywhere. Your children waved at the elderly Korean woman next door and she yelled at them in Korean, "you shouldn't do that!" They tried to eat their rice with chopsticks and not only were they laughed at, but all the kids at their school told them, "you shouldn't do that," in Korean! Your kids have heard this Korean phrase at least ten times in the past three days! However, they have no idea what anyone is saying to them in Korean! Hmm...which comes first, some Korean cultural lessons or Korean language lessons? They shouldn't have to choose-get them both at KoreanClass101! Learning Korean with is the most fun and effective way to learn Korean! This Korean Beginner lesson will teach you how to say "should not/must not" in Korean. We will also discuss how to use this Korean verb ending in a question meaning, "can't I/can I" in Korean. You shouldn't forget to come see us at KoreanClass101 for more great Korean learning materials and lessons! Leave us a message while you're there.
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Newbie Lesson S2 #23 - Korean Politeness Levels: Do You Have What They Need?
  For the rest of this week, all of your Korean bosses are going to be working very closely with you and the rest of your coworkers in the Korean office to make sure your office is running smoothly. This might be your chance to make a good impression on the big boss...or it might be your chance to make a lasting impression that's, well...not so good. Today, your Korean bosses will be checking inventory levels. Your section chief asks you in Korean, "do you have a glue stick?" You reply in Korean, "no sir, I do not have one." Moments later the Department Manager asks in Korean, "do you have a laptop computer?" You reply in Korean, "no sir, I do not have one." Finally, the President asks in Korean, "do you have a window near your desk?" Stifling your laughter, you reply in Korean, "no sir, there isn't a window in the entire office!" He is so impressed by your politeness that he orders your boss to create windows for everyone! Wait until he finds out your office is underground!   Learning Korean with is the most fun and effective way to learn Korean! Make sure you don't offend anyone! Use the correct politeness levels when you speak Korean! In this Korean Newbie lesson we'll learn about Korean politeness levels as we learn Korean. If you work in Korea, there are many different levels of politeness that should be used in a Korean office. We'll be listening to a Korean employee talking to his coworker, section chief, department chief, and even the boss in Korean! This Korean Newbie lesson will also teach you how to say, "I (don't) have it" in Korean, as well as "there is/isn't" in Korean. So be sure to listen in and make sure you're not being rude! After listening, remember to stop by and leave us a post!  
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