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Beginner #20 - It’s Too Much!
Go Shopping and learn Korean with! Today's we're following up last week on Tom and Mina's phone call and heading out to NamDaeMun, a large traditional marketplace in Seoul, Korea. As we're going shopping, we're going to go over descriptive verbs (adjectives)! After listening to Tom and Mina's conversation, please comment on our site and let us know what you think!
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News #181 - 2 Awesome Features for Learning Korean Words & Phrases Faster!
The year just started and new features are already coming out. And these will definitely boost your Korean vocabulary and phrases and get you speaking more Korean!Extended! Click here to take the Challenge & Get 45% OFF 1-Year PremiumWhat are they? Tune in to this Sunday News to learn all about the upgraded Core Word Lists and Vocabulary Lists and how you can access them all! Plus, one final chance to get 45% OFF1-Year Premium!
Newbie #16 - Really… How Old Are You?
Learn Korean with! Our detective is continuing on with his interrogation of Ryuji and asks about his age. But he doesn't really believe him! In today's lesson, we'll be going over counting native Korean numbers past 20. Listen in to today's lesson and find out how to ask someone's age! After listening, remember to stop by and leave us a comment!
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News #180 - Go From Failure To Achieving Your Korean New Year’s Resolution
2015 is here. It’s a new year and a fresh start to the Korean learning season. Millions have made their resolutions. Click Here to Take the 12-Month Challenge. Get $99 OFF 12-month Premium.Many will start Korean for the first time. Most will give up after one month. But you? You’re mastering Korean this year. How? With the help of KoreanClass101!But before you get started, guarantee your success with tips from Peter Galante, founder of KoreanClass101. Find out how he struggled and then crushed his language challenges. Tune in to this Sunday News to hear how you can achieve your resolution for 2015!
News #178 - Final Week! The Last 5 Korean Deals of the Big Holiday Countdown Start Midnight!
Waiting ‘til New Years just to start Korean? Forget that!There are still 5 days and 5 awesome Korean deals to get you speaking Korean long before 2015 arrives. The Big Holiday Countdown ends on Friday, December 19th, 2014. Last week’s top Holiday deals like 55% OFF Premium and 50% off all iBooks are gone.Tomorrow’s Deal Revealed! Get 47% OFF Basic & Premium!This week will have 5 completely new deals, starting with Monday’s 47% OFF Basic and Premium! Take advantage of these Holiday Deals before the Countdown ends!Become a Premium Member at 47% OFF, and instantly unlock our advanced language learning system and access all the amazing features coming in 2015... - Hundreds of New Audio & Video Lessons at KoreanClass101- Updated Innovative Language App for the iPhone/iPad including a New Lessons Feed and the Progress Tracking Dashboard- Brand New Flashcards so you can master Korean vocab faster. They’ll sort words for you, quiz you on the hard words and skip the easy ones- Scrolling Transcripts so you can see and read the word-for-word transcript for every lesson on the lesson page- New Video Lessons such as the Ultimate Pronunciation Guide, Weekly Words & Top Phrases!- And much more! Remember, each deal lasts only 24 hours before being replaced with a new one. Tune in to this Sunday News to get a sneak peek at the next week’s deals plus 2015’s new features.