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News #197 - 3 Easy Ways to Double your Korean Progress. One is a New Feature!
Looking for the latest and greatest methods to double your Korean progress? Here’s one that’s been sitting under your nose! You can do it with every single KoreanClass101 lesson. And it’s been helping Korean learners – whether they’re learning with us or not – speak faster, read faster and understand more Korean words.Click here to get 20% OFF any Premium subscription!In this Sunday News, you’ll learn why this super simple method – listening and reading along – doubles your Korean progress. Plus, you’ll learn the 3 ways you can listen (or watch) and read along with any lesson. One is our newest feature, Lesson Transcripts, which are available with every single KoreanClass101 lesson.
News #196 - Your New Free Feature is Here: Get Daily Korean Mini-Lessons with the Calendar
You wake up. It’s Sunday, August 16th. There’s a new free Korean mini-lesson waiting for you. It’ll only take you 1 minute to review. There’ll be a new one tomorrow. And the day after. What kind of sorcery is this?Click Here To Learn Korean At 26% OFF & Get Your Free Audiobook!In today’s Sunday News, you’ll learn all about your brand new Daily Dose of Korean Calendar. It’s completely free. You get a new, different lesson every day. From culture and holidays to grammar, slang, phrases and much more. The goal? So you can easily learn Korean every day, fast – with 1-minute mini lessons. Tune in to this Sunday News to learn more about your new Korean learning tool!View the NEW Daily Dose of Korean Calendar!Click here to check out the Daily Dose of Kroean Calendar!
News #195 - New Feature! Level Up Your Korean and Earn Badges with 1-on-1 Learning
Imagine this. You finish a Korean assignment. Your teacher checks it. Approves it.And... you unlock an achievement badge for your hard work. What does this mean? It’s proof that your Korean is improving, confirmed by a real Korean teacher. Proof that you’re leveling up. And that you’re well on your way to mastering the language.50 spots only! Click here to get 15% OFF Premium PLUS!That’s right, achievement badges are finally available at KoreanClass101. In this Sunday News, you’re going to learn all about this Premium PLUS feature. Find out how to unlock badges and level up your Korean when you learn 1-on-1 with your own teacher.
News #194 - The 5 Review Tactics & Learning Tools That Will Sharpen Your Korean
Here's a question for you: Have you ever returned to a KoreanClass101 lesson you’ve completed? Accessing a lesson once is enough to learn more Korean. But to master what you’ve learned... to understand Korean the second you hear it... to read with just a quick glance...and to speak smoothly, without thinking... you need to review.Summer of Korean Sale! Click here to get a BIG 29% OFF any subscription!That’s why in this Sunday News, we’re talking about reviewing. You’ll learn the 5 tactics and Korean tools that will truly sharpen your Korean – if you use them again and again. And, find out how to unlock the entire KoreanClass101 learning system at 29% OFF!
News #193 - Brand New Korean Lessons Start Tomorrow! Here’s How To Get Them For Free!
Do you want to speak and understand more Korean in 2015? You’ll need fun, fast and easy lessons that get you speaking in minutes. In fact, 1,760+ new lessons are on the way! A new KoreanClass101 season begins tomorrow, July 6th, 2015. Click here to get 20% OFF Premium & unlock unlimited KoreanClass101 access!In this Sunday News, find out how you can get the newest KoreanClass101 lessons for FREE. They’re all made by real teachers. And all are designed to get you speaking and understanding more Korean.Looking for the New Lesson Schedule for KoreanClass101?Click Here to See the New Lesson Schedule!   Download the Innovative Language 101 App for Free! Click here to download the App & learn Korean on the go!