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Audio Blog S5 #7 - Do You Know Who Korean General Yi Sunshin Is?
Learn Korean with! In our last Korean lesson, we learned about a positive political role model, and today we'll continue in a similar vein. Today, our author discusses in Korean what turns an ordinary person into an extraordinary leader. He'll explain what made a Korean general an outstanding commander and describe what separated him from the rest of the pack. Specifically, he'll analyze his accomplishments in Korean and link each one to a particular characteristic he believes is essential to leadership. In short, our Korean author is offering you a blueprint for becoming a successful leader! Learning Korean with is the most fun and effective way to learn Korean! This Korean Audio Blog lesson will describe the brilliant strategy and noble beliefs of a Korean military hero. Our Korean author will explain the reasons why he admires this Korean general and then tell you how he plans to apply what he has learned from the Korean general to teaching you in these Korean lessons. Visit us at where you will find Korean Lesson notes (remember—this lesson is spoken entirely in Korean!) as well as many more fantastic Korean lessons and learning resources! Leave us a message while you are there!
News #167 - This Free Feature Is Your Non-Stop Source For Must-Know Korean Words
What do Korean people typically talk about? Easy answer: Whatever’s going on in their lives. Holidays, current events, weather, food and more. If you know the Korean words related to these topics, you’ll be able to handle any conversation that comes your way.Click here to get 29% OFF Basic or Premium at KoreanClass101 In this Sunday News, we’re talking about the one FREE feature that teaches you the must-know vocab you’ll need for real life conversations. Plus, find out how to get a BIG 29% OFF our entire Korean learning system during our Summer Sale!
News #166 - Brand New Korean Lessons Start Tomorrow! Here’s How To Get Them For Free!
Do you want to speak and understand more Korean? You’ll need fun, fast, and easy lessons that get you speaking in minutes. In fact, 1,500+ new lessons are on the way!A new KoreanClass101 season begins tomorrow, July 7th, 2014. Click here to get 20% OFF Premium & unlock unlimited KoreanClass101 access!In this Sunday News, we’ll talk about our newest lessons and how you can get them for FREE. We’ll also teach you how to learn with lessons that are perfect for your level and guarantee your progress with the Dashboard.Looking for the New Lesson Schedule For KoreanClass101?Click Here to See the New Lesson Schedule! Learn with KoreanClass101 on the go on your Android, iPhone, iPad or Kindle Fire.Download the Innovative Language 101 App for FREE!
News #165 - What do successful Korean learners do differently? Listen to these 3 crucial rules.
2014 is halfway through. 80% of learners that set a Korean learning resolution back in January have given up already. Then, there’s the 20% that will stick to their goals and succeed.Click here to get 6-Month Premium for $66 & exclusive Inner Circle access!What are they doing differently? And why do most learners fail their goals?This is exactly what our KoreanClass101 Inner Circle Members learn and use to their advantage: the success strategies and tested methods for mastering Korean. In this Sunday News, you get a sneak peek at the Inner Circle and find out how you can join this exclusive newsletter during our 6-month Challenge.
News #164 - Android User? This Is The Korean Android App You’ve Been Looking For!
Initially, we released the Innovative Language 101 App for the iPhone and iPad. With it, you could take KoreanClass101 on the go and study Korean anywhere. But what about the Android App? Click here to save 20% on Premium & unlock complete KoreanClass101 access!In this Sunday News, we finally have some good news for you Android users. Tune in to learn about what’s new with the Innovative Language 101 App and how you can get unlimited Premium access the mobile way!Innovative Language 101 is now on Android, iPhone, iPad & Kindle FIRE. The app is free to download and open to all Free, Basic, Premium and Premium PLUS users. Access the lessons and features you normally would on the site. Simply log in with your current details. Click here to download the app for free.