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News #175 - We’re Thanking You with Free Gifts, New Features & A Big Korean Discount!
With Thanksgiving coming up, it’s time we pause and give thanks to the most important person here: you, our listener. You downloaded our lessons and helped us reach 300 Million Lesson Downloads. Your feedback helped us launch a new App, release new Innovative Korean lessons and much more!Click here to get a 1-Day Only VIP 40% OFF on Premium!So how do we thank you? In this Sunday News, we’re thanking you with Free Gifts, New Features and Big Discounts. What are they? Tune in to find out! And stay sharp. With the Holiday Season coming up, there are more Korean learning treats coming up next month!
News #174 - 3 Ways to Perfect your Korean Speaking & A New Feature!
Ever notice how most Korean beginners are good at reading and writing? But when it comes to speaking...most freeze up. They have to stop and think. And some are downright scared! Why is that?Click here to get 20% OFF any Premium or Premium PLUS subscription!In this Sunday News, you’ll find out what makes beginners struggle with Korean speaking. And, you’ll find out 3 ways you can perfect your speaking skills at KoreanClass101, along with a brand new Premium PLUS feature! Tune in to learn more!
News #173 - What Are Your Korean Learning Fears? We’re Killing The Top 3 Fears in This Lesson
Every Korean learner will feel these at some point: “I’m not good enough yet.” “I don’t think I’m making any progress.” Korean learning fears – we all get them from time to time. What are yours? And are they worth being scared of this Halloween Season?Click here to get a MONSTER-Sized 28% OFF Basic or Premium!In this Sunday News, we’re killing the top 3 Korean learning fears! What are the fears learners tend to have the most? And how can you overcome them? Find out in this Special Halloween Sunday News! We’ll also tell you how you can save big during our Monster Sale!
News #170 - New! Get 1-on-1 Access to your Korean Tutor with Premium PLUS Messenger!
Imagine having your very own KoreanClass101 teacher. They give you personal attention and answer any Korean questions you’ll ever have. This is included in our Premium PLUS subscription, but now, there’s a new feature that gives you 1-on-1 access to them.Click here to get 10% OFF Premium PLUS!In this Sunday News, learn all about the brand new Premium PLUS Messenger, now renamed to “Premium PLUS My Teacher”! This feature puts you in direct contact with your teacher, allows them to correct your writing, answer your questions and much more! How does it work and how can you access it? Tune into this Sunday News to learn more!
News #169 - New Free Feature! Get All of Your Korean Vocabulary Lists in 1 Place
What are the must-know Korean words you’ll need for real life? Hint: You’ll find them in the Free Korean Vocab Bonus word list emails you’ve been getting. These are your source of new and practical Korean words. They’re based on holidays, current events, seasons and anything going on in life right now. And now, you can access them for FREE in 1 spot.Too Cool For School Sale: Get 26% OFF 1- or 2-Year Basic or Premium! How? Tune in to this Sunday News to hear all about our newest FREE feature. Find out how you can access all the Korean vocabulary lists in 1 place and master more Korean. Plus, find out how you can get a 26% discount on 1- and 2-Year Basic or Premium Subscriptions!Click here to access Korean Vocabulary Lists now!