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News #161 - 1 Proven Motivation Tactic To See Your Korean Grow
Some learners have no problem with motivation. They listen to Korean lessons, leave comments and questions and study with flashcards. But if you’re like most of us, you need a boost to your motivation. So, how do you stay motivated while learning Korean?Click here to Grow Your Korean! Get 25% OFF + A Free AudiobookIn today’s Sunday News, we talk about one proven tactic to boost motivation and how you can use it at KoreanClass101. It’s no secret, but few people actually use it. Also, find out how to grow your Korean with our latest 25% off sale and get a Free Audiobook!
News #160 - Our Favorite Ways to Remember Korean Vocab PLUS A New Premium Feature
When you’re done with a lesson season at’ve learned a lot of Korean. Especially Korean vocabulary. But do you remember it all? Korean words can come as fast as they can go. Click here to go Premium at 20% OFF to get our entire learning system!In this Sunday News, we’re talking about the best ways to remember Korean vocab and our newest Premium Feature: Season Vocabulary Lists. These lists give you all the Korean vocab from any Lesson Season in one spot. But, you’ll hear more about that in the audio.
News #159 - The 4 Steps To Making A Korean Breakthrough at KoreanClass101
Hello Listener, There are 4 simple steps to making consistent Korean breakthroughs at KoreanClass101. No, we don’t mean crazy overnight success. We mean speaking & understanding Korean you didn’t know minutes earlier. How’s it done?Breakthrough Sale: Click here to get 28% OFF Basic & Premium!In this Sunday News, you’ll learn the 4 steps to breaking through and mastering more Korean with our lessons... or any resource you're using. But, the first step is the most important one, so listen closely! Also, you’ll find how you can save a big 28% on our advanced Korean learning system!  
News #157 - The Exclusive Inner Circle Kicks Off! Tips, Tools & Strategies For Mastering Korean
Why do most Korean learners float around aimlessly without making progress? And the top learners that are speaking native-level Korean... What are they doing differently? You’re about to find out with the Inner Circle. The Inner Circle is an exclusive monthly, no-holds barred newsletter that gives you tried and tested learning methods, insider tips from native-level Korean students, and much more. Click Here To Get 20% OFF 1-Year Premium and get Inner Circle Access. From setting goals designed to help you succeed and staying motivated, to strategies for having a 5 minute conversation in Korean, vocab mastery, and more. In this Sunday News, you’ll learn all about the Inner Circle and how you can join.  
News #155 - New! Custom Lists - Create, Study & Share Your Korean Wordlists With Others!
Heard of Custom Lists? It’s the newest feature and it’s your non-stop source of new Korean words and phrases. Create your own lists, share and use other user's lists. On January 1st, 2014, we launched it for all Premium & Premium PLUS users. Want to get Custom Lists? We’ve extended the Challenge until Monday, January 20th, 2014. Get 1-Year Premium for $99 as well as Inner Circle & Custom Lists Access. Click here to unlock 1-Year Premium Access for $99 & Get Custom Lists! Tune in to this Sunday News to learn all about the Custom Lists mobile web app, where to access it and how you can get it with a 45% discount on 1-Year Premium! What is it? Custom Lists, our brand new mobile web app, is your own ever-growing collection of vocab lists to study and master. You get to create your own wordlists for future review. If you want some ready-made lists, simply browse and grab lists created by other users or default lists provided by Accessible on any device from your browser. Premium & Premium PLUS users: Access Custom Lists at