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News #202 - You Don’t Want To Miss This Massive Update from KoreanClass101
Why’s this the one lesson you don't want to miss? Because this is your BIG chance to take advantage of what’s to come. In 2016, we’re launching even more incredible Korean lessons and study tools, but you have to be a Premium member to get ’em.Ends tomorrow! Click here to get 50% OFF 1- or 2-year Premium!Take advantage now. Become a Premium member at 50% OFF, and...1. Get instant access to our entire Korean learning system, and2. Ensure access to the newest study tools and lessons coming in 2016. What’s coming? Just see for yourself...- 3,900+ Audio & Video Lessons in TOTAL! That’s across all of our Innovative Language sites. That’s about 650 hours of lessons!- Video Lesson Captions! Understand Korean better, read faster with video lesson captions for every single KoreanClass101 video lesson.- Advanced Lesson Search! Find the lessons that you need. Looking for a lesson with a specific word – motivation, greetings, etc.? If our teachers have said it in a lesson, you will find it. - More New Video Series such as Listening Comprehension, Ask a Teacher and our most popular Innovative Culture lessons. All made by Korean teachers. - Exclusive Inner Circle Lessons. Learn how to truly master Korean with actionable tips, and learning tactics from proven learners.- ...And much more!Don’t miss your BIG chance to get Premium access at a FRACTION of the regular price! Tune in to this Sunday News to hear what’s coming this month and in 2016!
News #201 - We’d Like To Thank You. Free Gifts, New Features & a Big Korean Discount
There’s one person we want to thank at KoreanClass101 – You.You’ve downloaded our lessons and helped us reached 500 million lesson downloads. Your feedback helped us launch new lessons and study tools. And with your support, we’re about to celebrate our 10-year anniversary – that’s 10 years of teaching languages!Click here to get a 1-day only VIP 40% OFF Premium!So how can we thank you? In this Sunday News, we’re thanking you with free gifts, new features and big discounts. What are they? Tune in to find out! And stay sharp. With the holiday season (and our 10-year anniversary) coming up, there are tons more Korean learning treats coming soon!
News #200 - Do You Have These Top 4 Korean Learning Fears? We’ll Tell You How To Beat Them
Every Korean learner will have these fears – “I’m not good enough yet.” “I don’t think I’m making any progress.” “What if I never reach my goals?” Korean learning fears – we all get them from time to time. What are yours? And are they worth being scared of?Click here to get a MONSTER-sized 28% OFF Basic or Premium!In this special Halloween Sunday News, we’re killing the top 4 Korean learning fears! What are the fears learners tend to have the most? And how can you overcome them? Tune in to find out. We’ll also tell you how you can save big during our Monster Sale!
News #197 - 3 Easy Ways to Double your Korean Progress. One is a New Feature!
Looking for the latest and greatest methods to double your Korean progress? Here’s one that’s been sitting under your nose! You can do it with every single KoreanClass101 lesson. And it’s been helping Korean learners – whether they’re learning with us or not – speak faster, read faster and understand more Korean words.Click here to get 20% OFF any Premium subscription!In this Sunday News, you’ll learn why this super simple method – listening and reading along – doubles your Korean progress. Plus, you’ll learn the 3 ways you can listen (or watch) and read along with any lesson. One is our newest feature, Lesson Transcripts, which are available with every single KoreanClass101 lesson.
News #196 - Your New Free Feature is Here: Get Daily Korean Mini-Lessons with the Calendar
You wake up. It’s Sunday, August 16th. There’s a new free Korean mini-lesson waiting for you. It’ll only take you 1 minute to review. There’ll be a new one tomorrow. And the day after. What kind of sorcery is this?Click Here To Learn Korean At 26% OFF & Get Your Free Audiobook!In today’s Sunday News, you’ll learn all about your brand new Daily Dose of Korean Calendar. It’s completely free. You get a new, different lesson every day. From culture and holidays to grammar, slang, phrases and much more. The goal? So you can easily learn Korean every day, fast – with 1-minute mini lessons. Tune in to this Sunday News to learn more about your new Korean learning tool!View the NEW Daily Dose of Korean Calendar!Click here to check out the Daily Dose of Kroean Calendar!