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Korean Vocab Builder #20 - Post Office
Learn Korean with! Our Korean vocabulary lists are listener favorites, and now we've made it even better! In each lesson, you'll hear the Korean words and phrases from the Korean vocabulary lists. Join us for Korean Vocab Builder! In this lesson, you'll learn words and phrases for Post Office. Click here to make your own flashcards using the vocab and phrases introduced in this lesson! Visit us at, where you will find Korean lesson notes and many more fantastic lessons and learning resources. Leave us a message while you are here!
Beginner Lesson S4 #21 - In the Korean Museum, Don’t Roam but Just Be Still!
Learn Korean with! You are very excited about the tour you are taking to the Korean museum today! The last time you tried to go, someone kept hollering too loud and they canceled the tour! You really hope this time that doesn't happen! As thr group gathers outside the Korean museum, the guide yells over the murmuring group in Korean, "When we get inside the museum, PLEASE do not be loud, but be quiet!" Relieved to hear the warning and hoping the other tourists take heed, someone asks the guide if they can take pictures. The guide answers in Korean, "Please do not take pictures, but just look at the exhibits!" Excited to begin, the group enters the Korean museum breathless with anticipation. Suddenly, someone behind you lets out a squeal and flashes begin going off repeatedly!! The guide screams in Korean, "Do NOT enter the museum, but leave immediately!" Well, not this time, but maybe next time? Learning Korean with is the most fun and effective way to learn Korean! This Korean Beginner lesson will teach you how to use the Korean structure meaning, "don't do (A), but do (B)." Visit us at KoreanClass101 when you will find many more fantastic Korean lessons and learning resources! Leave us a message while you are there!
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Beginner Lesson S4 #16 - You “Must Be” Studying Korean at KoreanClass101!
You don't even know it, but you have been the talk of Seoul. Everywhere you go, people are pointing and whispering and talking behind your back in Korean! Oh no...don't worry! They aren't saying bad things about you in Korean! It seems that your Korean language skills are really paying off! That last man you walked past told his friend in Korean, "Her father must be Korean!" You left a group of your Korean colleagues chatting in Korean, "She must have lived in Korea for a long time!" Your ability to speak Korean so well has everyone in Korea convinced you are a native! Now, you know what you have to do, right? Give credit where credit is due! You tell everyone in Korean, "It must be KoreanClass101!" Learning Korean with is the most fun and effective way to learn Korean! This Korean Beginner lesson will teach you how to say, "I am sure," and "It must be" in Korean! These are very easy Korean phrases and we will give you plenty of examples to help! Visit us at KoreanClass101 to get more great Korean lessons and learning materials! Leave us a message while you are there.
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Korean Culture Class #23 - What He Didn’t Say Will Move Them Throughout Korea!
Learn Korean with! You are exhausted! Your best friend in Korea invited you to their house this afternoon to meet the family and see their new house! You were very excited to finally get to meet the rest of his family in Seoul...they couldn't have been more pleasant. However, what your friend didn't tell you is what hurt you. By the time you arrived at their new house in Seoul, you ripped your new jeans, your arms were bleeding, and your legs were covered in bruises! It looked like his family had beaten you up! Now, they want to know if you want to stay for the first Korean home-cooked meal in their new home! Well...that's the least they could do! Learning Korean with is the most fun and effective way to learn Korean! In this Korean Culture Class lesson, you will learn about housing in Korea and the current moving trends in Korea! Visit us at KoreanClass101 for more great Korean learning resources and Korean lessons. Leave us a message while you're there...we promise we won't make you move anything!
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Survival Phrases #16 - Korean Restaurant 5: How Many People? (And Numbers)
Learn Korean travel phrases with A little Korean can go such a long way! Whether you're traveling, visiting, or sightseeing, has all the essential travel phrases just for you! Today we cover another high frequency phrase that you will surely find useful on your trip, vacation, or travels to Korea. Continuing our restaurant series, we'll cover getting a table. When you first enter a restaurant, one of the first questions someone will ask you is "How many people?" In today's lesson, we'll learn how to answer just that question. Be sure to stop by and leave us a post!
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