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News #186 - Learning with a Teacher? Avoid This 1 Mistake To Master Language Faster
Imagine having a Korean teacher. Someone that could answer any question you have and fix your mistakes. Sounds great, right? Well, millions of students are sitting in classrooms with real Korean teachers and they’re going nowhere. Why?Ends April 10th! Click here to get 30% OFF Premium PLUS!In this Sunday News, you’ll learn why most learners miss out on huge Korean progress even with teachers. There’s one mistake they’re all making. What is it?You’ll also find out how to truly learn with your own Korean teacher with Premium PLUS.Click here to learn more about Premium PLUS & My Teacher
News #185 - Active Learning vs. Passive Learning. How to learn both ways at KoreanClass101!
How do you usually learn Korean? Do you actively listen, write down, read and engage with the language? Do you passively listen on the go? Click here to get 25% OFF any plan! Master Korean with the All-Access Pass!In this Sunday News, you’ll learn about active and passive learning, and whether you’re an active or passive learner – or both. You’ll also find out how to apply both learning styles at KoreanClass101. Tune in to this Sunday News!
News #184 - 3 Tactics For Boosting Your Korean Listening Skills at KoreanClass101
When it comes to listening to and understanding Korean, most beginners struggle. They hear the few words they know. And the rest just fly in one ear and out the other. Does this happen to you too?Ends Friday! Click here to get a quick 30% OFF Premium!In this Sunday News, you’re going to learn 3 tactics ​that are guaranteed to sharpen your listening and comprehension skills. We’re talking about special listening lessons, features and learning methods.
News #183 - 3 Steps To Making Measurable Progress in Korean
What if you could actually track your Korean progress? Ask most learners how much Korean they know and they’ll say “Well, I can speak some...” But what if you could say “I know 400 words. I can introduce myself. I can speak Korean for 5 minutes.”Bundle Sale! Get 28% OFF & a FREE Korean Audiobook!In this Sunday News, you’ll learn how to track your Korean progress and improve. Yes, you can do it at KoreanClass101. Plus, find out how you can get a BIG 28% OFF any plan and a free audiobook!
News #182 - The Inner Circle Kicks Off! Exclusive Tips, Tools & Success Strategies For Mastering Korean
Why do most Korean learners float around without making progress? And the top learners that are speaking native-­level Korean... What are they doing differently?Click Here To Get 20% OFF 1­-Year Premium and Inner Circle AccessYou’re about to find out with the Inner Circle. The Inner Circle is an exclusive monthly newsletter that gives you tried and true learning methods, success strategies and more.From setting goals that guarantee success and staying motivated, to strategies for having a 30-minute conversation in Korean, mastering vocab and more. In this Sunday News, you’ll learn all about the Inner Circle and how you can join.