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Korean Word of the Day - desk (noun)

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책상 (chaekssang) desk (noun)

책상 위에 항상 녹색 식물을 놓는 것을 좋아합니다.
Chaeksang wie hangsang noksaek singmureul nokkneun geoseul joahamnida.
I like to have a green plant on my desk at all times.

전화가 책상 위에 있습니다.
Jeonhwaga chaeksang wie itsseumnida.
The black telephone is on the desk.

책상 위에 전선이 너무 많아요.
Chaeksang wie jeonseoni neomu manayo.
There are too many cables on the desk.

책상 위에
chaekssang wie
on the desk

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