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Korean Word of the Day - allergy (noun)

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알레르기 (allereugi) allergy (noun)

여자는 꽃가루 알레르기가 있습니다
Yeojaneun kkotggaru allereugiga itsseumnida
The girl has an allergy to flower pollen.

그는 견과류 알레르기가 있고, 저는 꽃가루 알레르기가 있습니다.
Geuneun gyeongwaryu allereugiga itggo, jeoneun kkotgaru allereugiga itseumnida.
He’s allergic to nuts, and I’m allergic to pollen.

꽃가루 알레르기
kkotgaru allereugi
allergy to pollen

땅콩 알레르기
ttangkong allereugi
allergy to peanuts

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