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Korean Word of the Day - yellow (adjective)

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노란 (noran) yellow (adjective)

남자 아이는 노란 꽃들을 따고 있습니다.
Namja aineun noran kkotdeureul ttago itsseumnida.
The boy is picking yellow flowers.

목수는 노란 헬멧을 쓰고 있습니다.
Mokssuneun noran helmeseul sseugo itseumnida.
The carpenter is wearing a yellow helmet.

태양은 노랗게 보이지만, 실제로는 노란색이 아닙니다.
Taeyangeun norake boijiman, siljeroneun noransaegi animnida.
The sun looks yellow, but it’s not really yellow.

노란 페인트
noran peinteu
yellow paint

밝은 노란
balgeun noran
bright yellow

노란 모래
noran morae
yellow sands

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