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Korean Word of the Day - earring (noun)

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귀걸이 (gwigeori) earring (noun)

저의 어머니는 다이아몬드 귀걸이를 하고 계십니다.
Jeoui eomeonineun daiamondeu gwigeorireul hago gyesimnida.
My mother is wearing her diamond earrings.

여자 아이는 귀걸이를 샀을 때 귀를 뚫었습니다.
Yeoja aineun gwigeorireul sasseul ttae gwireul ttureotsseumnida.
The girl pierced her ears when she bought the earrings.

핸드메이드 귀걸이
haendeumeideu gwigeori
hand-made earrings

진주 귀걸이
jinju gwigeori
pearl earrings

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