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Korean Word of the Day - younger sister (noun)

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여동생 (yeodongsaeng) younger sister (noun)

여동생이 둘 있어요.
Yeodongsaengi dul isseoyo.
I have two younger sisters.

누나가 여동생을 안고 있습니다.
Nunaga yeodongsaengeul ankko itseumnida.
The older sister is holding her younger sister.

여동생은 항상 물려받은 옷을 입어야 합니다.
Yeodongsaengeun hangsang mullyeobadeun oseul ibeoya hamnida.
The younger sister always has to wear used clothes.

오빠가 여동생을 안고 있습니다.
Oppaga yeodongsaengeul ankko itsseumnida.
The older brother is holding his younger sister.

상냥한 여동생
sangnyanghan yeodongsaeng
sweet younger sister

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