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Korean Word of the Day - winter (noun)

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겨울 (gyeoul) winter (noun)

겨울은 가장 짧은 낮을 가지고 있고 가장 낮은 온도를 가진 계절입니다.
Gyeoureun gajang jjalbeun najeul gajigo itggo gajang najeun ondoreul gajin gyejeorimnida.
Winter is the season of shortest days and coldest temperatures.

따뜻한 코코아 한 잔은 추운 겨울 밤을 따뜻하게 해 줍니다.
Ttatteuthan kokoa han janeun chuun gyeoul bameul ttatteuthage hae jumnida.
A warm cup of cocoa is comforting on a cold winter night.

겨울 풍경
gyeoul punggyeong
winter scene

겨울 코트
gyeoul koteu
winter coat

추운 겨울 날
chuun gyeoul nal
cold winter day

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