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Korean Word of the Day - July (noun)

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칠월 (chirwol) July (noun)

영어 칠월은 칠월에 태어난 율리우스 카이사르의 이름에 의해 지어졌습니다.
Yeongeo chilworeun chilwore taeeonan yulliuseu kaisareuui ireume uihae jieojyeossseumnida.
July is named for Julius Caesar, who was born in July.

칠월은 삼십일일이 있는 일곱 개의 달 중에 하나입니다.
Chirworeun samsibiriri inneun ilgop gaeui dal junge hanaimnida.
July is one of 7 months with 31 days.

month of July

칠월의 바비큐
Chirworui babikyu
July barbeque

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