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Korean Word of the Day - small (adjective)

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작은 (jageun) small (adjective)

숟가락 위에 아주 작은 햄버거가 있습니다.
Sutkkarak wie aju jageun haembeogeoga itsseumnida.
There is a very small hamburger on the spoon.

작은 문제가 큰 문제가 될 수 있습니다.
Jageun munjega keun munjega doel ssu itsseumnida.
Small problems can become big problems.

아주 작은
aju jageun
very small

작은 병아리
jageun byeongari
small chick

작은 사이즈
jageun ssaijeu
small size

작은 잘못
jageun jalmot
small mistake

작은 차
jageun cha
small car

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