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Korean Word of the Day - belt (noun)

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벨트 (belteu) belt (noun)

그 바지에 벨트를 하거나 멜빵을 하세요.
Geu bajie belteureul hageona melppangeul haseyo.
Wear a belt or suspenders with those pants.

그 사람은 벨트를 차고 있습니다.
Geu sarameun belteureul chago itseumnida.
The person is wearing a belt.

검정 가죽 벨트
geomjeong gajuk belteu
black leather belt

가죽 벨트
gajuk belteu
leather belt

갈색 가죽 벨트
galssaek gajuk belteu
brown leather belt

바지와 벨트
bajiwa belteu
pants and belt

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