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Korean Word of the Day - happy (adjective)

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행복한 (haengbokhan) happy (adjective)

행복한 생일이 되길 바랍니다.
Haengbokhan saengiri doegil baramnida.
I hope you have a happy birthday

행복한 커플이 해변에서 꼭 껴안고 있습니다.
Haengbokhan keopeuri haebyeoneseo kkok kkyeoango itsseumnida.
The happy couple is hugging on the beach.

행복한 날들
haengbokhan naldeul
happy days

행복한 생일
haengbokhan saengil
happy birthday

행복한 결말
haengbokhan gyeolmal
happy ending

행복한 가족
haengbokhan gajok
happy family

아주 행복한
Aju haengbokhan
very happy

행복한 사람들의 그룹
Haengbokhan saramdeurui geurup
group of happy people

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