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Korean Word of the Day - police station (noun)

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경찰서 (gyeongchalseo) police station (noun)

새로운 경찰서가 생겨서 범죄가 줄어들었습니다.
Saeroun gyeongchalseoga saenggyeoseo beomjoega jureodeureotseupnida.
Crime went down when the new police station opened.

경찰차는 경찰서 밖에 주차되어 있습니다.
gyeongchalchaneun gyeongchalseo bakke juchadoeeo itseupnida.
The police cars are parked outside the police station.

도심의 경찰서
dosimui gyeongchalseo
city police station

경찰서 주차장
gyeongchalseo juchajang
police station parking lot

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