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Korean Word of the Day - dresser (noun)

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서랍장 (seorapjang) dresser (noun)

양말과 속옷은 서랍장의 맨 위의 서랍에 있습니다.
Yangmalgwa sogoseun seorapjangui maen wiui seorabe itseupnida.
My socks and underwear are in the top drawer of my dresser.

나무 서랍장은 골동품입니다.
Namu seorapjangeun goldongpumipnida.
The wooden dresser is an antique.

고풍의 서랍장
gopungui seorapjang
antique dresser

옷 서랍장
ot seorapjang
dresser drawers

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