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Korean Word of the Day - chairman (noun)

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회장 (hoejang) chairman (noun)

회장이 요청해 온 건에 승인하는 것에 우리는 모두 동의했습니다.
Hoejangi yocheonghae on geone seunginhaneun geose urineun modu donguihaetseupnida.
We all agreed to approve what the chairman was asking for.

회장은 우리 모두가 회의에 참석하기를 요청했습니다.
Hoejangeun uri moduga hoeuie chamseokhagireul yocheonghaetseupnida.
The chairman made the request that we all attend the meeting.

이사회 회장
isahoe hoejang
Chairman of the Board

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