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Korean Word of the Day - goat (noun)

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염소 (yeomso) goat (noun)

시골에 가면 염소를 가끔 볼 수 있어요.
Sigore gamyeon yeomsoreul gakkeum bol su isseoyo.
If you go to the countryside, you can see goats at times.

염소들이 농장에서 놀고 있습니다.
Yeomsodeuri nongjangeseo nolgo itseupnida.
The goats are playing on the farm.

염소는 목초지에 있습니다.
Yeomsoneun mokchojie itseupnida.
The goat is in the meadow.

하얀 염소
hayan yeomso
white goat

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