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Korean Word of the Day - chair (noun)

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의자 (uija) chair (noun)

이 의자 참 편하네요.
I uija cham pyeonhaneyo.
This chair is very comfortable.

서재에는 의자, 책들, 책상이 있습니다.
Seojaeeneun uija, chaekdeul, chaeksangi itseupnida.
There are chairs, books, and a desk in the study.

편안한 의자에 앉아 있으면 공부가 잘 됩니다.
Pyeonanhan uijae anja isseumyeon gongbuga jal doepnida.
It is easier to study when you are sitting in a comfortable chair.

의자가 세 개 더 필요해요.
Uijaga se gae deo piryohaeyo.
We need three more chairs.

중역 회의실에 있는 테이블과 의자
jungyeok hoeuisire itneun teibeulgwa uija
table and chairs in the boardroom

갈색 가죽 의자
galsaek gajuk uija
brown leather chair

나무 의자
namu uija
wooden chair

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