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1. Hangul Basic Vowels 1 (ㅏ, ㅣ, ㅇ)

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Posting in Korean? Leave a translation. It's good practice and helps others.

avatar fufnulius


i searched the word teeth on different translation sites and they all gave me this as translation,
My question is what is the differnce between this and o|.


avatar liwaa

i’m realy love korean language :heart:
감사합니다, 선생님! :smile:

avatar KoreanClass101

Hey Cristine,

We are more than happy to hear from you on your passion towards Korean!:D

Hope you make most out of our sources and ask us anytime you have a question ;)

Thank you


avatar cristine gimena kim

안녕하세요 선생님 저넌 크리스틴 입니다 감사함니다 증말 사랑 한국어…

avatar KoreanClass101

Hey ThuyLinh and Sunny!

Thank both of you for the comments! It really means a lot to us! :)

Please keep up with your great attitude and let us know anytime if you have questions! ;)

Thank you


avatar Sunny

I love korea and i want to learn to korean,and want to be fluentin korean, i am going to start it today let”s see how much i can learn it from here….:)

avatar ThuyLinh

감사합니다, 선생님! :heart:
Thank you.


Hey KoreanClassers!

Fiona - thank you for your great comments! definitely best way is to find the way to use it which means trying to write a word, phrase or even sentences! It really is up to you on which style fits you the best but also trying to write a sentence or word on what you can link to yourself, it remembers the best way! If you are unsure if it is right or not, you could always leave us a comment and we will do our best to comment you on that! does it sound alright to you?;)

Yana - thank you so much for your comment and that really means a lot to us! The support from our learners really kick us going forward!:) please keep up with your good work and let us know if you need any help!;)

Lauren - Oh no Lauren, that is a serious problem!! I think what we have suggested to Fiona would be great idea for you as well. Since you already know how to write Korean and combine the vowels to consonants, definitely worth trying to make a sentence or word out of it! Then you know what to do after - post it to us!;)

Thank you


avatar Lauren

i have already mastered the hangul alphabet but an reviewing these videos as a refresher so i can continue lessons and finally speak korean, but my problem is, i dont have anyone else to speak korean to once i learn it and am afraid i will lose the language if i dont use it :sob:

avatar Yana

These lessons are great! Thank you so much for your work :thumbsup:

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