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1. Hangul Basic Vowels 1 (ㅏ, ㅣ, ㅇ)

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Posting in Korean? Leave a translation. It's good practice and helps others.


Let’s practice writing Hangul on your computer too : )

Change your keyboard setting in Korean, and hit the English keys written next to the Korean characters. (Don’t press shift key when you type)

ㅏ (type K)

ㅣ (type L)

ㅇ (type D)

아이 (press DKDL)

avatar eman elmansy

:thumbsup: :smile:

avatar Mari Kipiani

:smile: Annyeong all :smile: Im new here and I started learning hangul today,but It’s really funny and easy (even tho I cant understand a little :grin: ) :heart: :heart: anyways it does help me A LOT :innocent: Thank You so much for doing these kind of perfect videos!! :laughing: by the way,how can I write my name? plz answer
gomawo :innocent:

avatar bre

:smile: so much fun


Annyeonghaseyo! :)

Desi - Thanks for your positive comment! :)
Deseybel Gallemit can be written as 데시벨 갈레밋 [de-si-bel gal-le-mit] in Korean.

kofoworola - Thank you for posting! Your comments mean a lot. :)

Adeline - There are 24 letters in the Korean alphabet: 14 consonants and 10 vowels. Korean writing is different from most western writing in that letters are grouped into syllable blocks. And these blocks are then placed left to right to form Korean words. Hope this helps.

Jason - Thanks for your positive comment! Your name can be written as 제이슨 산티아고.


avatar Desi

Hi :smile: :smile: :smile:
i really love this video (hangul) it’s easy to learn but can i ask a question?
how can i write my full name in korea? It’s Deseybel Gallemit.

…and thanks for this web :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

avatar kofoworola

Hello,I am new here,this lesson is really helping me and I thank everyone for their help

avatar Adeline

I am quite confuse about the korean alphabets so the alphabets should have one vowel and consonants then its complete as an alphabets or wat??

avatar Jason

Hello, I am new in this class and I would like to thank the whole admin for putting a wonderful and comprehensive website such as this. How is my name in Korean? Jason Santiago. Thanks!


Annyeonghaseyo! :)

@ Ayesha Hussain - Yes, you will be able to learn Korean effectively by learning the Korean alphabet first. :) Good luck!

@ Ray Gerald De Guzman - You can write your name as 시 레이 제랄드 [si re-i ge-ral-deu] in Korean. :)


avatar Ayesha Hussain`

Thankyou very much! Im currently learning corean phrases on my phone and i needed to know what the symbols meant because it kind of gets boring reading the English. :laughing: You lessons are very help full,i sometimes confuse them but im still learning. Atleast im not being a couch potato :grin: