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1. Hangul Basic Vowels 1 (ㅏ, ㅣ, ㅇ)

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Posting in Korean? Leave a translation. It's good practice and helps others.


Let’s practice writing Hangul on your computer too : )

Change your keyboard setting in Korean, and hit the English keys written next to the Korean characters. (Don’t press shift key when you type)

ㅏ (type K)

ㅣ (type L)

ㅇ (type D)

아이 (press DKDL)


Hi Vivienne,

Thank you for posting. The Korean alphabet, or ‘Hangul’, consists of 40 letters–10 pure vowels, 11 compound vowels, 14 basic consonants and 5 double consonants. You can find lessons that teach you how to read and write Hangul here:

Please let us know if you have any other inquiries.

avatar Gon

Why does this lesson and ultimate korean pronounciation guide not have lesson transcript ?

avatar Gon

Why does not this lesson have lesson transcript ?

avatar Vivienne Johnson

Hello am Vivienne and I want to know how many alphabets we have in Korean? And the list? It would help me practice more. Thank you


Hi Abby Thong,

Thank you for commenting. We hope our lessons will be of help in your journey to mastering the Korean language!

Hello Geo,

Thanks for posting. The name ‘Geo’ would be written in Korean as ‘지오’.

Hi Shaun,

Thank you for posting! :thumbs:


avatar Shaun


avatar Geo

Hello~~ my name is Geo and I just want to ask if I should write my name in 한글 like this ~> “지요”, or this ~> “지여” or this ~> “짛요”

avatar Abby Thong

I really love Korean Language. Hope to become an expert in Korean one day :grin: Thank you Koreanclass101 for making this video for me to get started! :heart: :heart:


Hi Nick,

I’m glad to hear that you like our intro music. We made them : )

Thank you again!


avatar Nick

Not really a question about the language, but I really enjoy the music in the introductions. Is this something you guys made or can I find it online somewhere? It makes great background music.